The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media, And "Anti-Racism"
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[See also: Remember Wichita—One Year Later, by James Fulford]

Shortly after midnight on January 7, the most controversial crime of the year (hopefully) was committed in Knoxville, Tennessee. A young white couple—Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom Jr., 23—were carjacked, kidnapped, gang-raped (both of them), tortured and murdered. Five suspects, all black, are in custody.

I gave more of the appalling details in my May 14 American Renaissance online article. (See also the much longer, revised version that is the cover story of AR's July issue.)

The crime I have dubbed "The Knoxville Horror" has raised grave questions

  • About America's perverted dialogue on race, in which citizens are presented with a false alternative between crypto-Marxist "anti-racism" and "white supremacism"; and

The Knoxville Horror is no aberration. At the end of this article, I will set it in the true context of black-on-white crime. And I will discuss two further subsequent cases perverted by America's "anti-racism" dominant ideology.

The Crime

Almost ten months after the murders, Knoxville authorities still refuse to divulge the causes of the young couple's death—or even to release the autopsy reports.

Charged with 40-46 state counts each of theft, robbery, rape, kidnapping and both felony murder and premeditated murder are: Lemaricus Devall Davidson , aka "Slim," a convicted carjacker just out of jail, 25; Letalvis Darnell Cobbins aka "Letalvis Darnell Davidson," aka "Rome," 24 , a convicted robber; George Geovonni Thomas, aka "Detroit," 24; and Cobbins' girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, 18. Thomas is specifically charged with Newsom's murder.

Eric DeWayne Boyd, 34, who has "at least 12" prior convictions for aggravated robbery, and was allegedly Davidson's regular and Cobbins' occasional crime partner during an alleged months-long crime spree, is only charged federally, as an accessory after the fact to carjacking, for allegedly hiding Davidson.

(Except for once catching Davidson driving with a suspended license during the alleged crime spree, the Knoxville Police Department seems to have been missing in action. At the time of the killings, Davidson had an "outstanding warrant for failure to appear" in court on that charge.)

In May, Davidson was indicted on six additional state felony counts, including aggravated robbery and attempted robbery, for an incident at a Knoxville Pizza Hut that took place January 8—the day after the murders.

The four state defendants are scheduled to face separate trials beginning between May and August, 2008—a year and a half after the crime.

Boyd's federal trial was to begin on September 18, 2007, but he bought himself a delay by dismissing his attorney that day.

Davidson was arraigned in the Pizza Hut case on October 11. On the same day, in a hearing regarding the four state defendants' main cases, prosecutors brought in two "banker size boxes" of new evidence provided by federal authorities. The state has until January 10, 2008 to examine the new evidence, before turning it over to the defense. At that time, the state must also say whether it will seek the death penalty.

The Media, Round I

In January and February, the Knoxville media reported extensively on the case, but did not discuss the racial angle. The national Mainstream Media (MSM) ignored the case altogether. The Knoxville Police Department and Knox County District Attorney General's office stonewalled.

But the Internet was abuzz with outrage. Articles from the Knoxville media were posted and discussed at conservative message boards here, here, and here, and blogs. With rare exceptions, (see here and here), leftist bloggers ignored it.

The Rumors

Naturally, rumors filled the void caused by Knoxville officials' stonewalling.

  • In January, and again in May, Knoxville news outlets WATE and CBS affiliate WVLT suggested that Christian was dismembered.
  • In February, someone anonymously spread a second rumor via Internet message boards and chain e-mails: both victims were sexually mutilated while still alive—with Newsom's penis and one of Christian's breasts lopped off. This rumor dominated blogs and Web sites (including  and, who, with the lone exception of conservative Eric Scheie at Classical Values, unquestioningly accepted its truth. In my May 14 American Renaissance piece, I tracked the rumor to New Jersey-based, white supremacist/neo-Nazi/whatever (WS/NN/W) radio host, Hal Turner.
  • According to yet a third rumor, circulating among Knoxville blacks, the victims were out buying drugs when they were carjacked. Apparently, this was supposed to rationalize the atrocity.

Alex Linder: The First Interview

Also filling the void: In late March, the WS/NN/W Web site, Vanguard News Network, proposed a rally in memory of the victims.

VNN was founded in 2000 by Alex Linder, a former associate of neo-Nazi National Alliance founder, William Pierce (1933-2002).

Using the pseudonym "Andrew Macdonald," Pierce wrote the 1978 race war novel, The Turner Diaries, which enjoys a mythic status among WS/NN/Ws (PDF version; HTML version).

VNN is sometimes called a "white supremacist" site, but it is obviously more concerned with Jews than with whites. Linder's slogan, emblazoned at VNN and his message board, VNNF, is "No Jews, just right."

For example, these are some of the titles for VNN posts from September 8, when I was researching this article: "JEW-NKVD EXECUTIONS IN POLAND," "BUSHY AND THE KIKES ALLOW MEXICANS TO RUN YOU DOWN," and "IMUS REPLACED BY KIKE."

Linder maintains he is a "Burkean conservative". But it seems to me that whites who advocate the annihilation of Jews, and who call the Holocaust a "hoax," can reasonably be referred to as "neo-Nazis." Neo-Nazis typically promote a theory whereby the Jews, who constitute a mere 1/500th of the world's population, comprise an international conspiracy ruling the world. Jews supposedly rule America through "ZOG"—the "Zionist Occupation Government." This theory is meant to present Nazis and neo-Nazis as heroic Davids to the Jewish Goliath.

But, laugh or weep as you will, these are the folks who defend whites—or at least, some whites—in America, 2007.

Of course, the Left, including the MSM, refer to anyone who takes a pro-white perspective on anything, or who honestly confronts black and/or Hispanic pathologies or shortcomings as variously a "racist," "white supremacist," or less often, "white nationalist."

Among virtually all "respectable" political orientations, it is considered bad taste to say anything good about whites, or to criticize those who would harm them. With the rare exception of Pat Buchanan's new masterpiece, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, even paleoconservatives have largely gone silent on such matters. (And some "paleos" long ago wrote Buchanan out of the paleoconservative camp.)

That would seem to leave the field to WS/NN/Ws—and the occasional Jew, like myself.

In the first of a series of three most unusual interviews, I spoke to Linder on April 6.

Nicholas Stix [NS]: Now, I don't have to tell you that this, these crimes have undergone a media blackout, in terms of the national media.

Alex Linder [AL]: That's correct.

NS: How do you explain that?

AL: Well, it's the Jewish media control. And the fact that any kind of non-white crime doesn't fit their agenda, so they suppress it….

Read the complete interview here.

In spite of his plan to kill all the world's Jews, Linder was a most gracious interview subject. When my defective Maxell tape snapped, he offered suggestions for alternatives to tape recorders, and agreed to permit me to interview him again.

A Second Rally is Organized

In April, a WS/NN/W preacher, the Rev. Ken Gregg of the ABC [Against Black Crime] group, announced a demonstration against black-on-white crime in front of the old Knox County Courthouse on June 16.

Local race hustler Saadia Williams, the executive director of something variously referred to as the Race Relations Institute and the Race Relations Center of East Tennessee, asked Mayor Mike Ragsdale to get the Knox County Commission to pass a resolution denouncing the demonstration. Amended to begin "While recognizing the First Amendment rights of all" (!!!), the resolution was approved on May 22 by a 15-4 vote. [PDF]

The Pressure Builds

As spring progresses, more and more conservative, and even Republican, bloggers write on the Knoxville Horror. Some national stories appear, albeit not in the MSM.

Thus on April 11 at NRO, the LAPD policeman-journalist known by the pseudonym "Jack Dunphy" contrasts the media's immediate, obsessive coverage of the Duke Rape Hoax to its refusal to cover the Knoxville Horror, explaining,

It's simple: the four suspects accused of killing Christian and Newsome [sic] are blacks from the inner city of Knoxville.

Unfortunately, Dunphy wimps out, neo-con style, switching from the subject of black-on-white to black-on-black crime. [The Truth About Who Suffers, NRO, April 11, 2007]

On May 14, my American Renaissance article appears online. And on May 16, Michelle Malkin posts a videoblog on the crime.

The Media, Round II: The Empire Strikes Back

In the face of the blog tsunami, and with the Linder rally imminent, Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols, [Email] and KPD Chief Sterling P. Owen IV, [Email] acting in concert with the media, got out their PC talking points.

In a May 18 reportorial—an editorial disguised as a news report—APalleged reporter Duncan Mansfield is less interested in informing the public about the crime than in discrediting the MSM's critics and one victim's grieving father:

"The critics include mainstream conservatives, such as the National Review, and white supremacists…."

[Same difference, right?]

"Christian's father, Gary Christian, wore a Confederate flag T-shirt—a symbol of the Old South where slavery was rifre [sic]—to the first hearing [in January] for one of the defendants and then pointed at the man [Eric Boyd] as if firing a gun. But family lawyer Joe Costner said Channon Christian's parents have repeatedly said they do not believe their daughter's killing was race-related." [Critics say the liberal news media are ignoring Knoxville, Tennessee, couple slaying,May 18, 2007]

(The above version is from the International Herald Tribune. Either all domestic outlets carrying Mansfield's op-ed edited out the reference to slavery, or the IHT's editor added it for its sophisticated, foreign audience.)

Mansfield quoted a series of pathetic rationalizations denying that the crime was racially motivated or deserved national media coverage.

  • Aly Colon [Email] of the "anti-racist" Poynter Institute for journalism: "The Internet has been basically chastising the mainstream media now, it seems, since the Internet opened up…. "
  • DAG Randy Nichols' special assistant, John Gill: The couple was simply "at the wrong place at the wrong time."

(After over four months, Gill also finally broke silence on the sexual mutilation rumors, which he called "absolutely not true." Gill will later emphasize that the suspects have white friends(read: they've had consensual sex with white women), so they can't possibly have racially targeted a white couple for rape and murder.) [What is a hate crime?, Chicago Tribune, June 10, 2007]

"At the wrong place at the wrong time"?! Were they hit by lightning? This wasn't even a "botched carjacking" (as not only the authorities, but some reporters have suggested from the get-go). The suspects have been charged not only with "Felony Murder"—murder committed in the course of committing a separate felony—but "Premeditated Murder," meaning they planned all along on murdering their victims.

It is logically impossible to argue that a motive of carjacking entails rape, torture, and murder. Plus, the perpetrators' dumping the victims' car a few hours later shows that carjacking was not the motive.

Additionally, Gill apparently plumb forgot that in West Tennessee State Penitentiary, Lemaricus Davidson was a member of the racist gang, the Black Gangster Disciples, or that racist black men's celebrated obsession with sex—forced and consensual—with white womenand white men.

To borrow from the old NYPD Blue character, "Detective Andy Sipowicz" (Dennis Franz): these guys need to get their lies straight.

The Media, Round III: Get on the Bandwagon

Immediately following Mansfield's reportorial, the Knoxville media jumped on the national MSM bandwagon.

The MSM refused to report on Linder's May 26 rally in advance, obviously attempting to limit attendance. But the local media belatedly developed a strong interest in the grieving parents and interviewed them, trying to browbeat them into denying that the Horror was racially motivated, and into denouncing the rallies.

This tactic worked with the Christians. It met mixed success with Christopher Newsom's mother, Mary. But it failed utterly with his father, Hugh.

"The Newsom's [sic] do agree that Chris and Channon's murder was as torturous as it was because of the color of their skin….

The Newsom's [sic] say they, like the protesters, don't understand why the murder has not received national attention. "[Newsom, Christian Families Reaction To Rally, By Kim Bedford,]

Linder's First Rally

On May 26, Linder's demonstrators are greeted by three hundred city, county, state and federal law enforcement officers in riot gear, who have spent weeks preparing for them.

The local and regional MSM claim that less than 30 protesters showed up. Reporters employ the propaganda tactic of asking all protesters where they came from, and describing them as out-of-state "white supremacists," and the demonstration as a "hate rally." In vilifying the protesters, while denying that the atrocity was racially motivated, local media imply that the protesters are worse than the rapist-torturer-murderers.


According to the ideology of "anti-racism" promoted by those who currently dominate the media, public schools, academia and "activist" organizations, blacks cannot, by definition, be guilty of racism, whereas whites are, by definition, racist. All blacks, no matter how rich, are victims, while all whites, no matter how poor, are privileged. Got it?

"Anti-racists" hate whites the way Alex Linder hates Jews.

Oddly, the majority of people who call themselves "anti-racists" are themselves white. And they are at times openly racist towards law-abiding blacks and blacks who do not hate whites sufficiently, particularly black Republicans and conservatives.

Sounds crazy? That's because this stuff is crazy.

Virtually all Americans have encountered "anti-racism," aka "multiculturalism" and "diversity education," in one form or another, most explicitly through diversity training in workplaces and educational institutions. In diversity training, whites are racially abused by vicious, dishonest trainers, who make a good living doing this. Hate pays.

The First Counter-Rally

A lily-white contingent of men and women, all clad in long, frilly white dresses, simultaneously held a counter-rally.

The media identify the anti-white counter-demonstrators as "environmentalists" and as the "Coup Clutz Clowns," and imply that they are locals. They claim that twice as many of them showed up as those protesting the killings.

There are no "Coup Clutz Clowns." The name is a front that groups from different training camps of the "environmentalist" group, Mountain Justice Summer (MJS), in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee use when they disrupt the demonstrations of groups they oppose.

Why would "environmentalists" be so concerned about a demonstration against black-on-white murders? Because they aren't environmentalists.

"Environmentalism" is yet another front for a revolutionary Marxist outfit that seeks to destroy America through open borders and pseudo-scientific, "environmental" accords such as the Kyoto Protocol. (For the leftwing takeover of the American environmental movement, see here and here.)

Only one MSM report I find on the rally mentions Mountain Justice Summer, but without revealing its true character.

MJS training camps, which teach civil disobedience and manipulation of the legal system, are among the successors to communist training camps such as the Monteagle, Tennessee-based, Highlander Folk School.

The local media can find only one MJS counter-demonstrator from Knoxville, lawyer Chris Irwin. (Irwin is not wearing a dress.)

No news accounts of the rally report that Irwin is MJS' Knoxville "co-coordinator" [sic]. He is also the leader of "Knoxville Anti-Racist Action."

Local print and TV "reporters" make no attempt to hide their agenda, emphasizing with unwittingly comical exaggeration Irwin's local roots, while apparently not asking the other anti-white counter-protesters—who are from all over the country—where they hail from.

"Reporters" also refrain from politically identifying the counter-demonstrators as they do the demonstrators, say as "racists," "Marxists," or "extremists."

"Reporter" Mike McCarthy, of CBS' Knoxville affiliate, WVLT, approvingly quotes Irwin's surreal statements: "It's not the 1950s anymore!" as if the victims were black; and of the protesters, "They're not just a knife at the throat of the African American and [illegal] immigrant communities, they're a threat to us all."

One may debate how much sympathy the Jew-obsessed WS/NN/Ws really feel for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. But they do passionately express sympathy for the victims and their loved ones. The lack of any expression of sympathy for the victims and their families —or even mention of their names—by MJS' "anti-racists," however, is because … they feel no sympathy for them.

Knoxville Voice staff activist, Hilary Trenda, brags that the KPD colluded with the anti-white counter-demonstrators:

"KPD Lt. Robert Hubbs contacted Knoxville Voice May 25 while preparing security plans for the rally, expressing a desire to work with the counter-protestors and alleviate any surprises to KPD."["At the End of the Day We Still Love You!" May 31 2007]

At the Christian/Newsom rally, Hal Turner says,

"[First,] we want to tell the liberal media we are tired of them spiking stories about black-on-white crime. Our second goal is to tell the black community they have to restrain their black hoodlums." [Police arrest organizer at 'rally against genocide', By Matt Lakin,, May 27, 2007]

Many of the pro-white protesters yell at their anti-white opponents, "If you're against racism, why weren't you here protesting the crime?"

"White Supremacist" is Arrested; Where's the Videotape?

Only one arrest takes place, and that occurs before the rally even begins, when Alex Linder walks into the "neutral zone" law enforcement has set up in the street to separate the two groups. Creative authorities manage to squeeze four charges out of Linder's stroll: "disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and vandalism for ripping an officer's uniform."

Oddly enough, although several news organizations have cameras videotaping the day's events, and some of them publish a photograph of Linder in the street, each hand gripping the side of a sign reading, "DIVERSITY = D-E-A-T-H"/"Get the truth at VNNFORUM/.COM," while KPD Capt. Gary Holliday and Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Walker grab his arms, none provides images of him fighting them.

One would think that the media would have been all too glad to publicize the evidence…had Linder really committed such heinous acts,

(On August 29, Linder pleads guilty to resisting arrest, agrees to pay $250 to Deputy Walker "to resolve a charge of assault on a police officer," "court costs [$385.10] to have a vandalism charge dismissed," and the "disorderly conduct charge was dismissed outright." Linder receives a six month suspended sentence, conditional on his staying out of trouble during that period, leading one local journalist to gloat.)

Like the counter-demonstrators, these alleged journalists and media ethics experts (also here) denying that the Knoxville Horror was racially motivated are "anti-racist" ideologues. They believe violent black criminals are revolutionary allies and out of political solidarity suppress news of black-on-white crime.

Or as conservative columnist John Leo put it,

"the newsroom culture tends to view black-on-white crimes as responses to black oppression, and therefore not worth reporting. Whereas similar white-on-black crime is oppression itself, and thus crucially important to put before readers and viewers."

Alex Linder: The Second Interview

On June 7, I speak with Linder about his May 26 arrest.

NS: Were you trying to get arrested?

AL: No, I was not. I walked where I needed to go to speak to the public….

They came up, threw me on the ground…. The whole thing took about 15-20 seconds….

(Read the rest of the second interview here.)

The June 16 Rally

On June 16, the second Knoxville Rally, organized by the Rev. Gregg's "ABC" group is held. Demonstrators are again met by over 300 lawmen in riot gear and counter-demonstrators.

In the morning, Rev. Gregg's group conducts two preliminary demonstrations at TV station WATE and the Knoxville News Sentinel, the latter of which had refused to print a letter from him regarding the rape-murders. (The Rev. Gregg's e-mail is [email protected]; contact KNS editor Jack McElroy here; be polite.)

In his speech at the rally, the Rev. Gregg says, with withering sarcasm, that he's written to the News Sentinel,

"These high-crime areas you're talking about, is it because of large concentrations of white supremists [sic] that makes 'em high crime areas?"

The Rev. Gregg also spouts some racial epithets.

CBS/WVLT's Mike McCarthy repeats the media strategy from the first rally: portraying the pro-white demonstrators as outside agitators and the anti-white counter-demonstrators as locals, and behaving as if the protests were about a white-on-black atrocity.

Linder is asked to speak, and does so for ten minutes:

"As Hal Turner said last time when he was here, 'Forty years to see the content of the character of the coloreds!'… "[See Youtube video].

The Knoxville media report that almost 100 pro-white protesters showed up, as well as anywhere from approximately 70 to an equal number of counter-protesters. But rather than acknowledge that many more pro-white demonstrators came than (reportedly) on May 26, the media emphasize that it was less than half as many as Gregg and the other organizers had expected.

The national MSM ignore the rally. The Knoxville authorities use attack dogs to intimidate the pro-white demonstrators, something they would never dream of using against even rioting blacks, and keep the WS/NN/Ws under extremely tight scrutiny all over the vicinity, resulting in two people being arrested, for possession of a weapon—a pistol still in the glove compartment of the truck—and for possession of a small amount of marijuana. (Both charges are later effectively dismissed).

Alex Linder: The Third Interview

AL: I went to the crime house, and that was funny, because there's a white woman living there, super happy to be in that house…she's like, "I'm totally happy to be out of Union County"…[Laughing] It's like, well, see, this is the thing, it didn't fit neatly into a racialist paradigm, but I reported it honestly. She said, 'You know, ah, it's a bunch of OD'ing rednecks, and kids running around, and lots of trailers and stuff…"

 (Read the interview here.)

Conclusion: The Hunters and the Hunted

Where black-on-white crime is concerned, the MSM have gone from peeing on your leg and telling you that it's raining, to dumping whole buckets of urine on your head.

For years, the MSM have told us that

  • that it is overwhelmingly intraracial; and

Lies, lies, lies.

For 20 years, black criminals have targeted whites more than they have blacks (45 vs. 43 percent in recent years, with ten percent of their victims Hispanic). For example, in 1994, 56 percent of violent crimes committed by blacks were against whites. Some 85 percent of interracial crime is typically black-on-white, according to conservative Justice Department statistics. [PDF] In 1999, the statistician who writes pseudonymously as La Griffe du Lion concluded, regarding black-on-white crime,

"In the city, the races live mostly apart from one another, so that the most convenient victims of thugs are others of the same race. Only a hunter's mentality could account for the data."

Lawyer-researcher Joanne Mariner's landmark 2001 study for the (left wing) Human Rights Watch, No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons, found that black jail and prison inmates target the tiny minority of white prisoners more than they do members of the black majority (or Hispanic minority).

Mariner also estimates that, due to the frequency of prison rape, the majority of rape victims in America are men.

If she is right, whites are also an absolute majority of the victims of black criminals.

Black inmates use anal gang-rape as a method of racial terrorism. Thus, except for members of neo-Nazi gangs who can defend themselves, a prison sentence for white men is essentially a sentence to sexual slavery and/or death.

Black-on-white male rape is also growing in popularity outside of jail.

Last December, the Associated Press covered up the case of an armed, black homosexual serial rapist in Baytown, Texas, who targeted short, frail white men 18-21 years of age. AP stories not only left out the crucial facts of the victims' race and build, but even quoted a police official who denied that the victims fit a common profile. Thus were the lives of all men fitting the profile placed in jeopardy. (Keith Chester Hill, 19, has since been charged with, and reportedly confessed to the crimes.)

(See also this July 23 Los Angeles Times story by John M. Glionna [San Francisco Gay Community Grapples With Race, Rape], which twists the rape of a gay, white San Francisco man by two racist blacks into a story about gay white racism.)

Now consider the rape of women. There is nothing "random" about black rapists, who typically live in neighborhoods that are 80 percent or more black, raping white women 33.6 percent of the time, as they did in 2005. While white male rapists virtually exclusively target white women, black rapists have targeted white women for generations—and, for example in the case of Eldridge Cleaver, bragged about it.

Without counting prison rape, blacks rape whites more than 100 times as frequently as whites rape blacks. Counting prison rape, I have estimated that blacks are 200 times as likely to rape whites, as whites are to rape blacks.

Libertarian columnist Fred Reed, a veteran police reporter remarks, "to tell the truth" about black crime "is a firing offense."

As VDARE.COM's James Fulford reports, at the AP, not telling said truth is a matter of policy. Indeed, Fulford reveals that the Gray Lady instituted its policy of covering up black crime all the way back in 1946.

From Censorship to "Reverse Reporting"

But the MSM has gone beyond suppressing news of black crime to reversing it— i.e., insisting to readers that previous, true reports of black crime were actually false. The classic case is the reverse reporting on the anarchy in New Orleans two years ago, after Hurricane Katrina.

In early September 2005, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported on the post-Katrina savagery. Then, chagrined at having portrayed black folks behaving badly, its editors resolved to unreport the truth. The newspaper assembled a team to discredit its own stories, while acting as though someone else had published them.

The irony of all this is that most or all of the original Times-Pic stories were true, while the story "discrediting" them was one of most egregious frauds in American journalism history. (Even prior to reading La Griffe Du Lion, I had concluded that, in Katrina's wake, New Orleans blacks were hunting whites. See the chapter on crime in the National Policy Institute report, The State of White America-2007.)

In the case of New Orleans, Steve Sailer even predicted this media revisionism.

But it happened anyway. Less than three years after the Jayson Blair scandal, the Times-Pic' was awarded not one but two Pulitzer Prizes for deceiving the public.

Are You a Racist?

In closing, let us consider two recent crimes.

  • On April 13 in New York City, a black man allegedly raped, sodomized, tortured ("with scalding water and chemicals" and by slitting her eyelids), and sought to burn to death a Columbia University Journalism School student. The April 16 New York Daily News story on the 19-hour-long attack, Pervert tried to kill her, suppressed the fact that the female victim was white—obviously endangering white women's lives.

I learned of the victim's race from NYPD spokesman, Detective Laffin. Daily News metro editor Dean Chang did not return a message I left him, asking why the News would not identify the victim's race. (Ultraviolent, persistent felony offender Robert "Pooh" Williams, 30, has since been arrested for the attack.)

As usual, law enforcement and the media both suppressed the racial nature of the crime.

Let me be clear: If these charges prove true, I hope the tormentors of Megan Williams—her family insisted on revealing her name—get life in prison.

But this case confirmed for the umpteenth time that for the MSM and law enforcement, there's no such thing as whites committing an atrocity against blacks, "absent a blatant racial motive." All such cases are automatically considered "hate crimes."

But not the other way round. So much for equal protection.

Not knowing that black men are targeting whites for rape can cause naïve whites to drop their guard—with appalling, even fatal results. In contrast, the media's saturation coverage of each (very rare) white-on-black atrocity, its suppression of news about black crime, and its promotion of myths like "racial profiling," incites blacks to commit ever more violent crimes against whites.

How long are 200 million white Americans going to be intimidated into ignoring the reality of black crime—for fear of being condemned as "racists"?

Nicholas Stix [email him] lives in New York City, which he views from the perspective of its public transport system, experienced in his career as an educator. His weekly column appears at Men's News Daily and many other Web sites. He has also written for Middle American News, the New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Chronicles, Ideas on Liberty and the Weekly Standard. He maintains two blogs: A Different Drummer and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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