Trump Leads Rasmussen Poll But With Weak White Share; RATS Sabotaging Him In California
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Rasmussen Reports continued its brave stand on Trump: today, it reported he is still ahead, 42%-40%, vs. 43%-39% on July 3—in other words, essentially unchanged.

Rasmussen makes its cross-tabs available to its Platinum subscribers. They show Trump getting 47% of the white vote, vs. 36% for Clinton. Clinton is down one point with whites. The slight overall change is due to a Brownian Motion diminution in the black and "Other” (Rasmussen-speak for Hispanics and Asians) support for Trump. A substantial 13% percent of voters say they will vote for "some other candidate." Curiously, this includes just 12% of whites—but 20% of "Other." I wonder.

Unchanged conclusion: Trump is still not getting enough of the white vote, unquestionably because of the treasonous RATS (Republicans Against Trump). Trump could and should carry whites by at least the 60% share the GOP Congressional candidates got in 2010 and 2014. Even if you allocated the Other and No Sure vote equally, he’s still not at that level.

Unchanged moral: Trump doesn’t need a Politically Correct minority or female pick for VP. He must pick a white male who can rally the base against Clinton’s threatened Merkel-type Immigration Surge.

The polls seem to be bifurcating, with a larger number, much touted by the MSM, showing Clinton with a near-double-digit national lead. Here, I'm just going to analyze the Field poll in California: Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 30 points in California, by Lisa Hagen, July 7, 2016.

Contrary to MSM Narrative, this is not caused by a minority mutiny: the cross-tabs show Trump is only getting 37% of the white vote. (Libertarian Gary Johnston gets 14% of the white vote when factored in, and Clinton's overall lead falls to 24%. Field does not seem to poll for Green Party candidate Jill Stein).

Again contrary to MSM Narrative, the GOP/GAP's problem in California has never been minorities: it has simply failed to mobilize the white vote.

It's very hard to believe that, if Trump campaigns on atrocities like the Democrats' recent treasonous blocking of Kate's Law and anti-Sanctuary Cities legislation, his white share won't improve.

But, of course, super-RAT Mitt Romney, his notorious car elevator and many of his fellow Treason Church Mormons, are located in California.




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