Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) Really Believes White Southern Conservative Regularly March With Swastikas—Just Like The Palestinians
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On Fox & Friends Wednesday, Dan Goldman (D-NY) was asked about his fellow Democrat (and member of the Coalition of the Fringes) Rashida Tlaib (D-MI,) born in America to Muslim parents from East Jerusalem, who has always been a vocal Palestinian sympathizer, and also asked about the Palestinian rallies in New York featuring swastikas.

The person asking was black Fox & Friends host Lawrence Jones.

Goldman replied “Look, there are fringe parts of many different parties. There are conservative marches in the south with swastikas all the time. Anti-Semitism is rampant,” to which Jones—who was raised in Texas and should know better—replied “100 percent.”

Believing that there are regular conservative marches with swastikas all the time or that ”Anti-Semitism is rampant” either in the South (traditionally philo-Semitic) or in the Republican Party is totally, hysterically, disconnected from reality.

It’s an example of genuine liberal craziness that Lance Welton has explored here, repeatedly.

Expect more of it.

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