Media Matters Hates It That Charlie Kirk Had Steve Sailer On—It Shows They're Losing
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Earlier: Here’s Steve Sailer On The Charlie Kirk Show

Here’s how the Media Matters report on Steve Sailer’s appearance on the Charlie Kirk show is described:

Charlie Kirk hosts white nationalist writer Steve Sailer to attack minorities

Sailer is the founder of an online “neo-eugenics” forum that promotes “selective breeding of the human species.”

He also writes for the anti-immigrant and white nationalist-aligned website VDare.

Written by Justin Horowitz,  Published 10/11/23

There’s about six things wrong with it already. Sailer has argued in set terms for civic nationalism, not white nationalism. The quote about ”selective breeding” is from a 2008 SPLC attack, not anything ever said by Sailer, and that links to an earlier attack that doesn’t say that.

The alleged “neo-eugenics” forum was a mailing list for the discussion of human biodiversity, which is what makes different groups of humans different. (The normally accepted meaning of ”Eugenics” is the early 20th century movement that led to  state laws preventing mentally challenged people from reproducing—these days it means any belief in heredity. Sailer doesn’t believe in ”Eugenics,” he believes in genetics.) is not ”anti-immigrant”—many of our writers are immigrants—and as for ”white nationalist-aligned,” a meaningless phrase, I can only assume they use it because (a) we say we’re not white nationalists in our FAQ, and (b) we sued the NYT for calling Peter Brimelow an “open white nationalist.” 

That’s just the headline and subtitle. I can’t explain everything that’s wrong with their pack of lies, mostly borrowed from the SPLC, but I do want to mention this:

Kirk opened his show by praising Sailer and describing him as “incredibly interesting, and one of the most talented noticers in the country.” 

(Kirk repeatedly used the terms “noticing” and “noticing things” throughout his interview with Sailer. The term has been used by antisemitic trolls online in the past to attack and push conspiracy theories about Jewish people.) 

I prefer to use Noticing with a capital N for this phenomenon, and no it’s not ipso facto anti-Semitic, it’s a famous quote from Steve Sailer (”Political Correctness is a War On Noticing”) dating back to 2014 or before, and here Tweeted by comedian Patton Oswalt:

This quote is so famous you can get it on a T-Shirt:

But here’s what this means—the SPLC, ADL, and Media Matters are losing their power. In past years, Kirk would have refused to have Sailer on, and if he had, he would have bent the knee to Media Matters. Those days are over:

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