Is The Car Crash Attacker In Germany An Immigrant Mass Murderer? MSM Calls Him "German National," But No Name
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A man in an SUV killed 5 people in Germany by running them down in the city of Trier. Press reports are saying that he's some kind of mental case, of no fixed address, and had been consuming alcohol. They're also saying he's a "German national", which is true of a number of Muslims. 

It's amazing how fast they can release the fact that someone is not an immigrant. He could still be a Muslim, of course. since apparently German privacy laws prevent police from announcing the suspect's name.

However, the Guardian's YouTube of the press conference seems to say he isn't, reporting

 A German man who is suspected of having killed at least five people and injuring several others when he ploughed his car into a shopping street in Trier on Tuesday was driving while intoxicated, the city's chief prosecutor said, adding that there were 'no indications that the motive is of a terrorist, political or religious nature'. Five people including a nine-month-old baby were killed and up to 15 injured when the man's speeding SUV car hit shoppers in a pedestrian area in the south-western German city in what authorities said appeared to be a deliberate act

Here's a list of some of the many times this kind of attack was by an immigrant.

And if you wonder why I still suspect that the "German National" may not be named either Hans or Fritz, remember this, from the Nice attack: NYT Calls Bastille Day Muslim Kamikaze Truck Driver A "Frenchman Of Tunisian Origin"

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