Biden Admin Leaking Flaccid New Rules On Asylum—But Don't Expect Real Change
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The Biden Regime is furiously leaking “new” asylum rules, rules that have been previously prohibited from implementation by a Federal court in California [Federal Judge Tosses Biden Administration Asylum Rule Designed To Reduce Illegal Border Crossings, by Maria Sacchetti, Washington Post/Texas Tribune, July 25, 2023]. The Biden Regime seems desperate, despite the fact that Mexico is reducing crossings and the border is out of the news given the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. The Regime is so desperate that it ordered three officials to leak the new plan, but obviously not give any real details.

The proposed rule, which could be published as soon Thursday, would allow immigration officials to bar migrants from asylum within days—if not hours—of them illegally crossing the border, three sources familiar told Axios. The process can currently take years.

Biden Prepares To Unveil New Asylum Change, by Stef Kight, Axios, May 8, 2024

However, the few details available show that the “new” asylum rules will have no effect. The new rules will only speed up certain statutory denials of asylum based on criminal history or participation in terrorism, which are seldom used to exclude those claiming asylum.

Significant immigration court backlogs mean it can take years before migrants who cross the border without authorization are determined to be ineligible for asylum. The new rule would allow asylum officers to make that determination within days.

The rule would move up checks for mandatory bars to asylum, such as criminal history or terrorism links, to the initial stage of the process, allowing immigration officers to quickly reject and deport those who don’t qualify. It would not restrict more people from applying for asylum…

The number of migrants subject to the bars is low, according to the proposed rule. For this fiscal year through April 23, federal records indicate that asylum officers flagged a potential bar in 733 cases. Last fiscal year, asylum officers flagged 1,497 such cases — 3% of all positive credible fear determinations.

Biden Administration Wants To Speed Up Deportation For Some Migrants. How Will It Work?, by Andrea Castillo, L.A. Times, May 9, 2024

The low number above are only those who are flagged, usually the result of similar names, fewer still are clearly identified as terrorists or criminals and denied, though this does happen. But a few hundred denied in the early stage will have no impact on the massive numbers at the border. Perhaps that this is a sign that the Biden Regime considers the border issue manageable with perfunctory action.

However, the usual suspects at the Treason Bar are enraged, falsely claiming that the Biden Regime has banned asylum to 90% of illegal aliens.

It is not only the Treason Bar that lies though, libertarians with are close behind in the lies.

What the Biden Regime did not do was telling. There are administrative solutions to the zerg rush at the border, but the Biden Regime wants open borders, so there will be no “new” rules that are effective.

Biden said in a Univision interview last month that he is considering whether to invoke a sweeping presidential authority to more broadly restrict asylum without congressional authorization. The action would employ a section of the Immigration and Nationality Act called 212(f), which allows presidents to suspend entry of migrants when deemed detrimental to national interests.

Nor will there be any administrative action to hold Mexico accountable for the invasion. There is a strategy that would solve the problem in a matter of days, but will not be implemented.

This is just boob bait for bubbas. The only question is whether it will work.


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