Join Us LIVE 8pm EST Dec 1st—Giving Tuesday At The Castle!
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See earlier: The Year-End Appeal Kicks Off #GivingTuesday Dec 1 by Lydia Brimelow

Updated 9:24pm: WE DID IT! We reached $20,795! Last year, our record-breaking #GivingTuesday sent Media Matters into a conniption fit. This year, we don't have YouTube, but we might even break a record again! Thank you so much! Click here to view the livestream replay!

Updated 9:03pm EST: We are one hour into our #GivingTuesday livestream (click the picture below to join!) and only $1,275 away from our super stretch goal! Help push us over the finish line here!  

Updated 4:39pm EST: WOW!!! You just annihilated the stretch goal of $10,000! Seeing your enthusiasm, a third donor approached us to say, "Can you do $10,000 more?" What do you think? Can we make it that high? 

Updated 3:19pm EST: A new generous donor was inspired by your action today and offered  another $5,000 for a new $10,000 stretch goal! YES! Let's make today count!

Updated: 2:17pm EST: You just pushed us past the halfway point! Thank you, friends! Let's do this!

Updated 1:49pm EST: We're almost halfway there! TODAY ONLY! Donate here, and help us get to our matching goal! 

Updated 9:08am EST: TODAY IS THE DAY! #GivingTuesday is HERE and we need YOU! A generous donor has offered a $5,000 matching gift! Help us get there today—click here to donate.

Bookmark this page! This year, we are hosting our livestream at DLive! Click the image link below to join! "See" you at 8pm EST at the castle!


Your generosity allows us to inform the fight to keep America American! Thank you for your support!


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