Courtesy Of Record Rates Of Black On Black Homicides, St. Louis Has More Murders In 2020 Than COVID-19 Deaths...
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Earlier: St. Louis Murder Rate Has Doubled Since Ferguson/BLM

Somehow this is still the fault of white people/white flight/gentrification/redlining/white privilege/systemic racism/implicit bias and don’t forget, the legacy of slavery.

As the St. Louis Metro Police Department website makes clear, 91 percent of the suspects in the homicides (well… known suspects, because the city has such a horrendous clearance rate for murder) in 2020 are black. As suspects are identified, the percentage of black suspects will only tick closer to 100 percent.

Oh, and 90 percent of the victims in the 242 homicides in 2020 St. Louis are black… Black Lives Matter, right?

Perspective: St. Louis Has 239 Homicides this Year and 238 Coronavirus Deaths – At Least 50 Children Shot So Far This Year, The Gateway Pundit, November 30, 2020

There’s a pandemic affecting St. Louis and numerous Democrat-run cities this year.

There have been 238 coranavirus deaths in St. Louis this year.

So far this year there have been at least 239 homicides in St. Louis, a 25 year high.

And at least 50 children have been shot in St. Louis city this year.

Recall: Out of 318,000 people,St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census).

Again, somehow this is the fault of white people.

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