Is Anti-White Propaganda What's Driving White Kids Crazy?
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Jared Taylor has an article/video at on what's driving the youth mental health crisis, including trans ideology. Part of what's causing it is white kids being taught to hate their own race.

I’m going to start with some passages from one of the most eye-opening mainstream articles I have read in a long time. It’s called “The Assault on Children’s Psyches,” and it’s in the June 20 issue of City Journal, which is published by the Manhattan Institute.

The article is by Leor Sapir, who has been following young people who think they suffer from Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria or ROGD. That’s a fancy name for thinking you were born the wrong sex and want to “transition.”

Mr. Sapir starts with what white children are taught in school: “how awful it is to be white, how white people enjoy unearned ‘privilege,’ how they benefit from ‘systems’ put in place by and for white people for the sole purpose of oppressing ‘people of color’.” “The students, especially the girls, absorb this messaging. . . . Being white is not something these teenagers can escape, but they can mitigate its social costs by declaring themselves part of an oppressed group.” As Rachel Dolezal, Jessica Krug, and Elizabeth Warren discovered, you can’t escape being a white oppressor by pretending to be black or American Indian.

Instead, young white girls are so desperate to rid themselves of the hateful identity they were born with that, as a woman Mr. Sapir met explained to him, “her daughter’s at-first-lesbian and then trans identity emerged in response to feelings of shame about being white.” Mr. Sapir adds, “I have since spoken to more than a dozen ROGD parents and parent-group leaders who tell a similar story.”

Mr. Sapir explains: “Instructed to view their humanity through the distortive lens of ‘white supremacy,’ California’s teen girls [and it’s not just California] are seeking refuge in puberty blockers, testosterone injections, and double mastectomies.” They have been so brainwashed they think being a “white-cis person” is so horrible, they are trying to turn themselves into something else. That way, they, too, can becomes victims, stop being oppressors, and finally become good people. This is surely one of the most hideous effects of anti-white propaganda.

[Do You Have to Be Insane to Be Liberal?, Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 1, 2022]

The question "How Crazy Are Liberals?" is one Lance Welton has explored here, repeatedly. Trust the science!

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