The Trumps (Donald And Melania) And The War On Christmas
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Donald Trump is holding a "Merry Christmas" Rally In Michigan on December 18 (something Obama would not have done, even if he could) and that reminds me that Trump has been very effective on our side in the War On Christmas, and is much hated by the other side, as I noticed during the left's recent Two Minutes hate against Thanksgiving.

See, earlier, these items:

Worth mentioning too is Melania's Christmas promotion at the White House. The Western Journal says she's won the War on Christmas.

Here's Melania:

The Washington Free Beacon is the source for some of this:

The War on Christmas Is Over, and America Won
Melania Trump declares victory, ownership of libs,

by Andrew Stiles,December 2, 2019

Of course, it's a little early to be declaring victory, but the War On Christmas is being fought by both sides, and the Trumps are on the side of the angels.

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