If Romney "Misspeaks" Enough On Immigration, Maybe Patriots Will "Misvote".
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Somewhere out there in cyberspace there is a picture  of Gerald Ford at an airport running away from reporters rather than discuss with them the assassination by the 1974 Watergate Congress of South Vietnam. For me it was the low point of a decade full of bad moments.

Probably it is too early, unfortunately, in the campaign to say Romney’s low point was reached in his Newsmax interview fiasco: Romney camp: Immigration comments not a policy shift CNN June 29th 2012

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign said he misstated his views on immigration in an interview published Friday, when he appeared to suggest that higher education and military service were pathways to legal status in the U.S. for young illegal immigrants…

Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement following publication of the interview that Romney "simply misspoke in this interview."

As CNN correctly pointed out

Romney has said that as president he would "update our temporary worker visa program" and "staple a green card to the diploma of someone who gets an advanced degree in America."

But he has not said if those would apply to young illegal immigrants who have graduated, are enrolled, or are seeking admission to higher education.

This is really terrible. Romney’s cowardly and unintelligent response to being decisively out-Hispandered by Obama is bad enough, but blaming misspeaking is just Bush League.

Admittedly the Newsmax interview was appalling and difficult to explain away. Romney shows no concern about the Mexifornication of America, being only interested in being sycophantic to the Hispanic invaders

Romney also offered a broad outline of an immigration plan that would be conciliatory toward immigrants without status living in the U.S.

and the Cheap Labor Lobby

"I will reform immigration with an idea…assuring that we have a large and ample supply of workers that are needed in agriculture and other temporary assignments,” he said.

Romney Vows Major Immigration Reforms By Ronald Kissler Newsmax.com Jun 29 2012

Listening unemployed?– Especially young unemployed?

As shrewd observers have realized, Obamacrat arrogance is endangering the President’s re election.

What Romney has to fear is low white turnout. He already has a big problem with the Paul vote – a subject of course as taboo as ever in the MSM.

If immigration patriots decide Romney does not intend to stop America becoming a colony of Mexico, why should they bother to vote?

Outlook for 2013: Not Good.

(Addendum: the Romney “misspeaking” has  been noticed by some of the more alert observers, for instance the increasingly left-leaning Politico Muddling forward on immigration by Alexander Burns 6/29/12 – but ignored by the Drudge Report, as was the original interview. One guess why.)

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