Drudge Defaults To Dodging Immigration: To Protect Flip-Flopping Romney?
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Drudge: Dog Whistling, but Immigration to be dodged?

You might think that if you ran a Republican-oriented news agglomeration site and the nominee-apparent releases his immigration policy statement and makes a major speech on it to a conference of the nation’s Most Fashionable Minority it would be incumbent on you to report it.

But then you would not be thinking like Matt Drudge. The Drudge Report made no mention of yesterday’s events, the repulsive nature of which can be sampled at Romney to Hispanics: Boost legal immigration, more green cards News-Press.com June 21, 2012 and which were immediately dissected for us by Federale here.

Unquestionably this is because Drudge, who got where he is by being alert, realizes that failing to oppose Obama’s Amnesty Coup, even on Constitutional grounds - and doubling up on the blunder by signaling subservience to the High Tech Cheap Labor Pigs with a willingness to impoverish new Graduates -  is a direct path to low white turnout and defeat.

So the Drudge Report has reverted to the pattern I discussed in Derbyshire Atrocity: Why Has Drudge Report Dodged? Easy Dog Whistling stories to rile up the serfs; systematic suppression of issues which might activate White America to consider its ethnic interests, particularly immigration

As I write the Drudge Report’s lead feature is entitled GAY ACTIVISTS INVITED TO WH 'FLIP OFF' REAGAN, characteristically improving on the underlying Weekly Standard’s wimpishly PC headline Activists Take Out Frustration on ... Ronald Reagan

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