Arizona Atrocity: GOP Establishment Votes For Third Party
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Youth For Western Civilization's William Houston has a powerful article, All That Is Hidden | Cheap Labor Lobby Still Controls Republican Party, on the long-run implications of the Republican Establishment's latest sabotage of state-level patriotic immigration reform legislation, in Arizona last night:

Democrats succeeded in killing the restrictionist bills with the indispensable assistance of the usual cabal of pro-business, Wall Street Journal Republicans who engineered the Utah guest worker program (the so-called "Utah solution," aka amnesty) and who have already killed Arizona-style immigration laws in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and Wyoming this year.

Who the hell cares what the Arizona majority has to say about illegal immigration? Rich people need their pools cleaned and their lawns mowed...

I desperately wanted to believe that the Tea Party had succeeded in transforming the master/slave relationship between big business and social conservatives. I hoped we might have been back on the path from oligarchy toward a more republican system of government.

The truth has now been revealed.

The price of the defeat of these bills is ultimately worth the political lesson to social conservatives that the existing two-party system is indeed a sham. This racket is designed to sucker voters into believing that the political process is not hopelessly corrupt and controlled by rich and powerful elites who can assassinate whatever bill they dislike in smoky committee backrooms in exchange for campaign contributions and other types of lucrative kickbacks.

Restrictionists will never get anywhere by working through the modern day successor of the Whig Party.

They are only wasting their time and energy voting for Republican politicians who are concerned exclusively with tax cuts for millionaires, dismantling the unions, and shipping middle class jobs overseas to Asia and Latin America.

Ironically, the Republicans are on the verge of a national sweep because of the Obama-induced tectonic shift of white a.k.a. American voters away from the Democrats. As I've wondered before why does the GOP Establishment think this is happening? (Answer: it doesn't think at all).

We've noted before that the Tea Parties, completely unanticipated by the political elite, constitute a sort of Third Party within the GOP. On present form, it's only a matter of time before we get an actual Third Party

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