MSM Fears Obamnesty Causing Sailer Strategy Electoral Disaster For Democrats
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Earlier this month we published Sean Trende: Why The Sailer Strategy Dooms Obamnesty and, astonishingly, elements in the MSM seem to be agreeing.

On Wednesday a new Quinnipac Poll came out and frightened the Washington Post: Obama’s immigration decision turns off voters in three swing states By Aaron Blake 06/27/2012

President Obama’s decision to exempt young illegal immigrants from deportation may not be the electoral boon it’s cracked up to be…

In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, more than twice as many respondents say the decision makes them less likely to support the president (27 percent in both) as say it makes them more likely to back him (12 percent in Pennsylvania, 11 percent in Ohio).

The Post plaintively asked

So how can a popular policy be a political loser? Put simply, voters who care about the issue most tend to disagree with Obama’s policy.

The numbers harken back to polling conducted after Obama’s decision to publicly support of gay marriage last month. A Gallup poll back then showed that a slim majority of Americans backed the move, but when it came to affecting their vote, 26 percent said it made them less likely to vote for Obama, while just 13 percent said it made them more likely.

Slate was even more Sailerish: Will Obama's Immigration Gambit Doom Him in the Rust Belt? By Matt Taylor June 27, 2012:

This brings us back to the central challenge for Romney in this campaign: achieving record support from white voters, whether because of their economic frustration, or cultural resentment towards Obama's rainbow coalition of young, gay, black, and Hispanic voters.

( emphasis)

How Republicans engage those white voters miffed at the immigration move — whether on rural radio stations in southeast Ohio or on television in major media markets like Philadelphia — will be key...

On this “key” our old friend Jim Antle is incisive: Obama's Immigration Move Hurts Him in Swing States American Spectator 6.27.12 would be mind-numbingly stupid for Mitt Romney to embrace the conventional wisdom that Obama's immigration policy only has supporters. It has opponents too, and they are also looking for a presidential candidate who will mobilize them. The Republican nominee would seem a logical choice, if he is actually willing to do so. Romney's current approach seems more likely to disappoint working-class swing voters than to win over a significant number of Hispanics.

Memo to GOP: IGNORE Bill Kristol and Sheldon Adelson!

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