Hispandering All The Rage In Politico—But When Will We See Calls For "Ron Paul"-Pandering?
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There's a big story in in Politico saying (again) that Hispanic voters hold key to 2012 Electoral College map. Sorry, no they don't.

  • There aren't that many Hispanic citizens. 
  • Of those who are, many are not registered to vote.
  • Of those who are registered to vote, many don't bother to do so.
  • Of those who do bother to vote, the majority are committed Democrats.
  • And of the minority within a minority within another minority who will, or even might vote for the Republican candidate, a substantial number support immigration restriction as much as regular Americans. See Ann Coulter's Deport The GOP Establishment May 1, 2012

But when are we going to see politico saying that Romney should pander to Ron Paul supporters?

Ron Paul suporters are all American citizens, they're politically engaged enough to vote in primaries, attend rallies on their own nickel, and you don't have to hold voter registration drives to find them.

If a Ron Paul supporter isn't registered to vote, he goes down to the courthouse and registers himself.

These are people who actually vote, and they're also people who may stay home or vote for Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico and now the Libertarian Party presidential nominee. Numerically, there are a lot more of them than there are potential Hispanic GOP voters. If Romney wants to hunt ducks where the ducks are, these are the ducks.

So is Politico going to do interviews with people advising Romney on how to pander to Ron Paul supporters over cutting back on the  Drug War, on foreign policy, or on big government? And if not, why not?

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