Are Some Patriotic Border Patrol Agents Actually Deporting People, Or Are We Being Lied To By The Treason Bar... Again
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The new Biden Regime policy on asylum at the border, not really clear in itself as even experts like me are confused, but mostly designed to have the appearance of control of the border, is under attack by the Treason Bar. The Treason Bar is alleging that asylum claimants are being deported either without processing or having the claim ignored. Is there an effort to cut down on fraudulent asylum claimants crossing the border illegally by the Regime? Perhaps, in conjunction with a half-hearted effort by Mexico to keep the heat off Biden until the election, or, perhaps, the billion dollar bribe to Mexico is working, at least temporarily.

Likely this is a combination of factors, enthusiasm by Border Patrol Agents (BPA) perhaps stretching their authority; some acquiescence to that by the Biden Regime, seeking to squash the issue of immigration in the election; and Mexico being cooperative, as entries are down compared to the disastrous last three years, but still at record levels compared to President Trump and even Obama. Though, frankly, I find the claim that no paperwork is being done unlikely, but ignoring claims for asylum might be more plausible. The hysterical and fantastical nature of the claims mitigates against credibility, but still questions remain, especially for those who know the inside scoop.

Leading the charge is the ever hysterical Nicolette Glazer, a Treason Bar activist, who is claiming that illegal aliens are being deported wholesale with little or no legal process, as if it were the good ol’ days of Operation Wetback.

A family group of illegal aliens crossed from Mexico using a smuggler and were attempting the asylum fraud scheme; the husband was detained and the rest deported without any paperwork. If true, I want to meet that BPA and shake his hand; a true patriot and man among men!

First Glazer claims they were from outside the Western Hemisphere, but then implies they were Spanish-speaking. Unless they were Spaniards, which is highly unlikely, I think that this is not a credible statement.

But now the woman and children are Spanish-speaking? Catalonians? Basques? Seeking asylum because Spain won’t allow their independence?

It is very strange for an attorney to comment on the case work of another attorney, especially given that she has so many details. Was this a setup with another attorney? Did they have the permission of the clients? Ethics issues are involved.

Of course, she could have gotten some of those details wrong. Mistakes happen. But saying they were Spanish-speaking seems like she made a Kinsley gaffe. It also implies that these are her clients and she is lying to the public. We obviously need more details, which she later says will not be forthcoming. Imagine a Treason Bar lawyer not wanting to get free publicity from the sympathetic press!

But the good news is that the fake refugees are back in Mexico and safe! But I thought they were seeking asylum? If they weren’t Mexicans, then why not apply in now safe Mexico?

This is interesting, especially since Mexican family and Central American family units are officially designated by the policy to be deported, just as single illegal aliens from the same area are. So there is no real reason for the separation, though in the confusion and lack of manpower, this is possible. This suggests to me that the BPA on the case just deported a Mexican family.

The complication is that the disappeared husband was released in the United States, which implies he is not Mexican or Central American.

The good news would be that if what she is saying is true, that BPAs are taking the initiative to solve the border problem with push-back; it is something I have long been advocating and Governor Greg Abbott is adopting.

And it might be widespread, which implies approval from the highest level, top men, which means Biden and Mayorkas. Which also implies that the Biden Regime is complicit in Texas fencing and push-back as well. We haven’t seen any movement on either the fence cutting issue or the unofficial deportations by Texas, so the Biden Regime seems complicit.

It seems that despite the claim from Glazer that she doesn’t want free publicity, after giving details very publicly on X about someone else’s client, other Treason Bar members are spreading the issue in the media via social media and the Lügenpresse. An orchestrated campaign?

The exhausted couple sat on the ground outside the Mexican immigration office in the DeConcini port of entry on Friday morning, methodically re-lacing their shoes that officials had inspected, as their two daughters, ages 5 and 10, sat quietly beside them.

Gathering their belongings into small plastic bags provided by the immigration agency, the foursome walked out onto a bustling side street to join dozens of other recently returned migrants, mostly Mexican families with children.

Unrelated families consulted with one another, trying to figure out next steps after being returned to Mexico under President Joe Biden’s June 5 executive order, which dramatically restricts access to asylum for migrants who enter the U.S. outside an official port of entry during busy times at the border.

Some of the newly deported migrants said they told Border Patrol agents they feared return to their home country—which is supposed to prompt a credible-fear interview, even under the new rule—but they were ignored and deported anyway.

Border Agents Ignoring Fear Claims, Migrants Say, In Violation Of Biden Order Exception, by Emily Bregel,, June 15, 2024

But the alleged victims of this failure to follow policy admitted that their asylum claims are invalid. The illegal aliens are basing their claim of persecution on being the victims of crime, not persecution by the government of Mexico.

Her eyes brimming with tears, she described the dangers they’d fled and that they now must return to in San Cristóbal: the homes in her neighborhood burnt down by criminals with impunity, the bullet that whizzed by her eldest daughter’s ear a few weeks ago.

Like the others, the family with two daughters, who asked to remain anonymous, were deported to Sonora through an expedited-removal process on Friday morning. They’d crossed into Arizona two days earlier, through the desert near Lukeville.

Fleeing violence in Mexico City, they said they intended to request asylum once they found a Border Patrol agent. But before they could ask, the agent told them that wasn’t an option anymore, under the new asylum policy.

Now, supposedly, the standard for referral to be interviewed by an Asylum Officer, the credible-fear standard, has been increased to some higher level, a higher level that I have not yet been able to find in any of the policy releases. But what appears to be happening is that BPAs are evaluating the initial claim of fear of being returned under the actual credible fear of persecution standard, the standard since it was created in 1996 in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. And clearly both of the cases above do not meet the standard for fear of persecution because crime and violence are not a basis for either a credible fear of persecution or asylum.

Here is what might be happening: a woman claimed she was a crime victim and further claimed that the BPA who arrested her told her that would not qualify for asylum, but making a claim of fear of being returned would just delay her deportation.

“He said even if I spoke to someone (to request asylum) it would only elongate the process, because I wasn’t going to get asylum anyway,” said a Mexican woman who asked to be identified only by her first name, Ángeles. She displayed photos of herself, which she said she also showed to a border agent, with two black eyes after she was beaten by a man in her neighborhood in Guanajuato, in central Mexico.

And, the BPA’s statement is true, a fallacious claim to asylum will just get you time in custody, only to have the claim of credible fear rejected by an Asylum Officer. I would not be surprised that BPAs are just ignoring specious claims and deporting those illegal aliens. While I was an Inspector at a Port-of-Entry we would explain the consequences to claiming fear of persecution, which generally meant a week in jail before the Asylum Officer would get around to rejecting the claim of fear. Most recanted after one night in the local jail, which was filled with hardened criminals, and withdrew their claims to a fear of persecution.

The scheme for fraudulent claims of persecution or asylum are that everyone knows that the claim will eventually be denied, but the alien is just hoping to be released for a hearing before the immigration courts. Once released, such aliens either never appear or, once ordered deported, never leave as ordered. That is the fundamental basis of what is going on at the border.

There is a good chance that the Treason Bar is correct with their complaints. This could be BPAs performing a type of triage, sorting the wheat from the chaff, and just sending the obvious fraudulent or insufficient claims for asylum back to Mexico. It was not unheard of even in my day.

If this is as widespread as claimed, though, basically all across the border, then it is clear that the Biden Regime has approved of this “field expedient,” but as very unofficial policy. Joe Biden above all wants to be reelected. A few obviously fraudulent asylum claimants being kicked back over the border will not interfere with that priority. Of course, I expect a generous sue-and-settle agreement with the Treason Bar if Biden is reelected.

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