The Old Guard Of The WNBA Continues To Struggle With Its New, Diverse Fans
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From the New York Post:

“Unfortunately for y’all new fans, we do not just ‘shut up and dribble’ here. Ya picked the wrong league,” Connecticut Sun guard DiJonai Carrington tweeted earlier this week. (Carrington, if you remember, mocked the Fever’s Caitlin Clark for flopping earlier in June and has happily leaned into the off-court drama ever since.)

Or take this sentiment by Subria Whitaker, who runs a nonprofit called “Grow the Game,” which allegedly aims to “increase awareness, attendance, engagement, and involvement in women’s sports.”

“I’m sorry—no shade. But there are just way too many men speaking on the W right now without any firsthand knowledge of how intersectionality works and the other layers of presentation, sexuality, the male gaze, etc. Please stop,” Subria Whitaker wrote earlier this week on X.

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