15 Years of VDARE's "Diversity Visa " Lottery Archives—America's Craziest Immigration Program
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The Diversity Visa is in the news because it led to a terrorist murder. Of course, it should have been in the news in 2002, when Hesham Mohamed Hedayet shot up the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport. Sam Francis wrote at the time:
If it's proof of the sheer, homicidal insanity of American immigration policy you want, consider the case of the late Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, who achieved immortality of a kind when he shot and killed two people at Los Angeles International Airport last week on July 4. Mr. Hedayet may or may not have been a “terrorist,” actually connected to some formal terrorist organization. But he certainly was an immigrant.

Mr. Hedayet, himself shot down by an El Al security guard after he began blasting by-standers at the El Al ticketing area on Independence Day, was in this country legally, through the grace of a program known as 245(i), which is supposed to let in aliens who meet certain work qualifications and which both President Bush and a bipartisan coalition of the Open Borders lobby have been trying to expand. But the only way that Mr. Hedayet was even able to apply for legal status under 245(i) is that his wife won a lottery.

The lottery in question awards a green card, the Immigration and Naturalization Service's ticket of legal immigration status, on the basis of “diversity” to some 55,000 foreigners every year. Once she got her green card and became legal, then her husband could apply for legal residency himself under 245(i) and stay here if he paid a fine of $1,000.

Welcome to America in the 21st century. [More]

It's now 17 years into the 21st century, and we're only now talking seriously about abolishing the Diversity Visa because we've got President Trump. I've made a Diversity Visa tag (The Diversity Visa–America’s Craziest Immigration Program) and here are some of the things we've written on it.  
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