Jeff Flake Diversity Visa "Lie" + Kinsley Gaffe—He's BOASTING About Failed Gang Of 8 Amnesty/Immigration Surge
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Here's Jeff Flake replying to Trump's pointing out that the Diversity Visa is a Chuck Schumer idea:

Of course, the Gang of Eight's failed Amnesty/ Immigration Surge seems to have destroyed Flake's career (he no longer has a constituency), nearly destroyed the Republican Party, and would have destroyed the United States of America by legalizing every illegal in the US, making them citizens, and tripling legal immigration.

I think people who want to to destroy the  United States of America as the political expression of a particular people would accept the loss of the crazy Diversity Visa.

In any case, this is what the MSM calls a lie whenever Donald Trump can be said to get something wrong, or misinterpret what he said—Schumer's name is on the original legislation.

Schumer was in the House, Ted Kennedy (the real father of the bill) was in the Senate.

But it's not Flake's claiming that his Gang Of Eight would have abolished the Diversity Visa that's amazing, it's that he's willing to boast about having taken part in it. (A "Kinsley Gaffe" is when someone's gaff is actually what they really feel.)

This is how they got Trump—this is how they'll get more Trump.

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