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A Texas Widow Say ICE Wants Her To "Do Its Job"; etc.

From:  Jill Patriot (e-mail her)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Dog Bites Man. Immigration Bites American White Majority

I went to Wal-Mart today and there had to be 500 illegals roaming around freely.

There are apartments full of them on Spring Valley off US Highway 75

Hordes of Mexican men roam the neighborhoods, schools crowded with illegal invader kids and the encroachment into formerly "nice" neighborhoods is obvious. My street is loaded with Ethiopians, Pakistanis, Nigerians, South Americans and Mexicans.

No one cares.

I called ICE by using the information given by Juan Mann on his VDARE.COM archive.

The ICE representative told me—a 60-year-old woman—to go down and get the owner's name, the name of the manager and send him the address.  ICE wanted me, an elderly taxpayer, to do its job! 


I've tried calling Homeland Security and they pass me one at a time 3-4 people before I am eventually disconnected. I get the same results when I contact the FBI.

I called the Dallas Police Department and they asked me: "How do you know they are illegal"?  Dallas is a sanctuary city.

What a joke. Nobody cares.  

I'm a widow and I care.  My father fought in World War II but twenty years from today, my grandchildren will be called "minorities." 

VDARE.COM note: Juan Mann will update his information on reporting aliens soon.

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A Retired INS Employee Says That ICE Blew It On The Radical New Jersey Imam…But Another Observer Says All Is Not Lost

From: Ted Lepcio (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: AA New Jersey Professor Why Suspected Terrorists Get The Benefit Of The Doubt

The Investigative Project on Terrorism posted its observations about Mohammad Qatanani's trail that resulted in him being allowed to stay in the US despite ties to radical, anti-American groups like HHamas.

The ITP is not a fly-by-night organization. It's headed by Dan Vara, the former INS District Counsel in Miami, Florida from 1990 until 2003. Vera's other positions included Chief Counsel, ICE, in Orlando and instructor at ICE, INS and the FBI.

Vera found that the national security lawyers

"… went in without any insurance, without their evidence, and without the required witnesses. Instead, they were apparently authorized to present only one ICE agent and one FBI agent, neither of whom had real knowledge of Qatanani's background, as the witnesses who could serve to prove up their case."

Summarizing the obvious at the end of his report, Vera concludes that: "major change is required in the federal bureaucracy."

But another analyst, while agreeing with Vera on the fundamentals, took a more positive approach.

As posted in the comments section of Vera's article:

"Either way, decisions like Qatanani are double edged. While they make the alleged 'bad guy' appear to be okay and a victim of government excess and to make future prosecutions, in immigration or criminal court, more difficult, they also do have some positive side effects too.

They disrupt the 'bad guys' ' operations and put them on notice that we know they are bad guys and are watching them. Thus, if they truly are 'bad guys', we have hampered their ability to continue their behavior. If we were prosecuting them, particularly on terror-related grounds in either immigration or criminal court, we have moved from the covert to the overt anyway, so the fact that we have 'intel' on them is no longer a secret.

What the 'bad guy' doesn't know is just how much we do know; were we unwilling to disclose it because we lacked anything really credible or because it would give up sources and methods that are still effective? The 'bad guy' doesn't know and now we get to watch him/her/them to see what he/she/they do next. While it's not the 'win' we were trying for, it's not the total disaster that is usually portrayed either. In this case the 'we' is the government as a whole, be it law enforcement, intelligence community or both."

Lepcio worked for what he describes as the "late, unlamented INS" for eight years. He lives in California.

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An Iowa GOP Volunteer Says John McCain Is No Accidental Candidate

From: Del Rice (e-mail him)

My father, who ran his own business, had two favorite sayings:

  • Money and water always seek their own level.
  • Nothing happens by accident.

John McCain's presidential candidacy is an example of the latter. The front-loaded Republican primary system is designed to keep the true grassroots conservative base from choosing the nominee.

In the early primary and caucus states, there are always many solid candidates to choose from.

In Iowa, I work hard in our Caucus to assure that one of the lower tier candidates finishes in at least in third place so that he can go on to several more primaries.

This year Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson placed one, two, three while McCain and Ron Paul came close behind in fourth and fifth place.

The true conservative votes were split four ways with McCain being the outsider.

To insure that a moderate Republican nominee wins, blue states like New York and New Jersey hold winner take all races early on. And crowding the primaries close together insures that a candidate with views opposed to the grassroots does not have to defend himself.

Conservatives are up in arms is because McCain is the nominee but almost no conservative voted for him. He is the de facto nominee.

In the end, the press crowns the nominee—in this case McCain—while conservative voters stay home because they now don't matter.

As my father would have said, none of this happened by accident.

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An Idaho Stockbroker Poses A Quiz To John McCain And Barack Obama

From: Janice Cook (e-mail her)

Both McCain and Obama profess that they have the solutions to the nation's financial crisis

Let's test just how much they know. I challenge either of them to answer these three simple questions.

I venture that their responses would be: "I'll have my staff get back to you."

  1. How many Lehman Brothers are there?

  2. Are there any Lehman sisters?

  3. What are the full names of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae


  1. Three: Henry, Emanuel and Mayer

  2. No

  3. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Federal National Mortgage Association

Cook works for a regional brokerage firm that, as of the close of business Friday, is still solvent.

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