Craig Nelsen On The Coming White Minority
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Craig Nelsen of ProjectUSA has strong op-ed in a Florida paper about the census and the likelihood of whites becoming a minority if immigration isn't brought under control.

Immigration and the pending white minority

Ocala Star-Banner

August 24, 2008

By 2042, the Census Bureau says, whites will be a minority in the United States, and among children under 18, whites become the minority in just 15 years.

How long is 15 years? Fifteen years ago, Bill Clinton was president.

So, just around the corner, whites in America are going to be disempowered, assuming we remain a democracy, through a radical and rapid transformation of the nation's demography on a scale unprecedented in world history.

In response to this news, individual whites — the proper, polite ones — will affect (or, if particularly ignorant of the world around them, evince) an attitude, at the least, of indifference and calm assurance, at the most, of celebratory enthusiasm.For the sake of clear, adult thinking, let's dismiss these proper, polite whites as a bunch of panglossian ninnies and adopt a position more in line with everything we know about humans.[More]

Craig was kind enough to quote from my piece on the first "Thirty Years War" for immigration restriction. In the timeline section, I had this note:

1920 September. 500 pound dynamite bomb exploded in front of 23 Wall Street. Wall Street support for immigration takes sudden drop.

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