A Missouri Reader Reports McCain Milking War Record
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From: William White (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Immigration Patriotism, Not War Record, Could Win Presidency For John McCain

Guzzardi wrote about McCain "milking" his Vietnam War record at every opportunity.

Get a load of this. On September 18, McCain was a guest on ESPN's popular "Mike and Mike In The Morning" radio show.

The hosts asked McCain who his sports heroes are.

McCain replied that Ted Williams, a Marine fighter pilot during World War II and the Korean War, is his favorite.

Then McCain launched into a detailed explanation of Williams' aviation skills. He added that John Glenn said Williams was the best pilot he had ever flown with.

What's clear is that although McCain was ostensibly talking about Williams, he was at the same time indirectly but purposely drawing glowing parallels to himself.

Ted Williams! John Glenn!! John McCain!!!

Listen to the interview here.

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