A New Jersey Professor Wonders Why Suspected Terrorists Get The Benefit Of The Doubt
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From: Lewis Brewster (e-mail him)

The blatantly liberal Newark federal immigration judge Alberto J. Riefkohl ruled that Mohammad Qatanani, an Imam at the Islamic Center of Passaic County who serves Paterson's large Muslim community, can remain in the U.S. [Terror Claims Against NJ Religious Leader Rejected, by Samantha Henry, Associated Press, September 5, 2008]

U.S. immigration authorities sought to deport Qatanani on grounds that he failed to disclose on his green card application a prior arrest and conviction in Israel for being a member of Hamas.

Naturally, Qatanani denies these charges.

Thursday's decision means that Qatanani, his wife and their three foreign-born children are granted legal permanent U.S. residency and will eventually be eligible for American citizenship. Added bonus to his remaining: he has three other US-born children!

But since there is at least some evidence that Qatanani has ties to terrorist organizations, shouldn't that outweigh the predictable weepy testimony from Jewish, Catholic and Episcopalian leaders that he's a "moderate?"

When in doubt, deport.

Brewster is a retired classical languages professor.

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