A New Jersey Professor Wonders Why Suspected Terrorists Get The Benefit Of The Doubt
September 09, 2008, 05:00 AM
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From: Lewis Brewster (e-mail him)

The blatantly liberal Newark federal immigration judge Alberto J. Riefkohl ruled that Mohammad Qatanani, an Imam at the Islamic Center of Passaic County who serves Paterson`s large Muslim community, can remain in the U.S. [Terror Claims Against NJ Religious Leader Rejected, by Samantha Henry, Associated Press, September 5, 2008]

U.S. immigration authorities sought to deport Qatanani on grounds that he failed to disclose on his green card application a prior arrest and conviction in Israel for being a member of Hamas.

Naturally, Qatanani denies these charges.

Thursday`s decision means that Qatanani, his wife and their three foreign-born children are granted legal permanent U.S. residency and will eventually be eligible for American citizenship. Added bonus to his remaining: he has three other US-born children!

But since there is at least some evidence that Qatanani has ties to terrorist organizations, shouldn`t that outweigh the predictable weepy testimony from Jewish, Catholic and Episcopalian leaders that he`s a "moderate?"

When in doubt, deport.

Brewster is a retired classical languages professor.