A Florida Reader Is Reported To The FBI For Criticizing Senator Arlen Specter
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06/04/06 - A California Reader Reports That The Protests Against Senate Traitors Are Underway

From:  Peggy Decker [e-mail her]

From this extremely useful website here I was able to get e-mail addresses for every House and Senate staffer including Senator Arlen Specter's Chief of Staff and Director of Communications, William Reynolds.

Then I sent the following quote from Thomas Jefferson to every Republican who voted for S.2611:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." 

Reynolds (e-mail him) replied:

"If you were meaning to convey a threat, then you have effectively done so.  I am forwarding this to the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police.  I will not tolerate threats against my people."

I responded to Reynolds:

"How DARE YOU threaten ME.  You work for ME, not the other way around.  I have every right to express my displeasure at Senator Specter's traitorous vote, and if I choose to quote Thomas Jefferson, that is my right. 

"You and your boss are elites who feel that you can do anything and say anything without repercussions. Your threatening e-mail was read over the air on a popular radio show and this reply to you was read as well. 

"I, unlike many elected officials, have nothing to hide. You do not frighten me. I have never been in trouble of any sort in my life.

"And also unlike Specter and many of his colleagues, I love my country and revere our Founding Fathers

"If you and Specter would devote the same effort to catching and deporting illegal aliens as you do in harassing the law abiding citizens for whom you work, this country would not be in the dire straits that it is in."

VDARE.COM note: Decker, a retired schoolteacher, advised the Tampa branch of the FBI about her e-mail exchange with Reynolds, noting that she felt threatened by him.

The FBI replied to Decker: "The Senate message is not considered threatening," but "the message you sent, because the quote was altered (i.e. by color of text) can be construed as threatening."   

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