A Texas Reader Living In The Sanctuary City of Austin Notes Bias In The Dallas Morning News
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September 24, 2007, 05:00 AM
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From: June Venable

Re: Joseph Stepien`s Letter: A New Jersey IT Professional, Unemployed For More Than A Year, Calls For A Political Purge

Stepien would be interested in a recent editorial in the Dallas Morning-News today that lauded the contributions of illegal aliens and H-1B visa workers without a kind word to say about America`s working class. [The Labor Equation: Do Not Ignore Our High-Skilled Immigrants, Editorial, Dallas Morning News, September 3, 2007]

The editorial was a plea to pass the so-called "comprehensive immigration reform".

Like Austin, Dallas is a sanctuary city and the Morning News, like virtually all of the MSM, is pro-immigration—both legal and illegal.

Our forefathers are probably whirling in their graves.

Venable is a retired elementary school teacher whose great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War when he was fourteen. Send Venable mail c/o

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