A Texas Reader Living In The Sanctuary City of Austin Notes Bias In The Dallas Morning News
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From: June Venable

Re: Joseph Stepien's Letter: A New Jersey IT Professional, Unemployed For More Than A Year, Calls For A Political Purge

Stepien would be interested in a recent editorial in the Dallas Morning-News today that lauded the contributions of illegal aliens and H-1B visa workers without a kind word to say about America's working class. [The Labor Equation: Do Not Ignore Our High-Skilled Immigrants, Editorial, Dallas Morning News, September 3, 2007]

The editorial was a plea to pass the so-called "comprehensive immigration reform".

Like Austin, Dallas is a sanctuary city and the Morning News, like virtually all of the MSM, is pro-immigration—both legal and illegal.

Our forefathers are probably whirling in their graves.

Venable is a retired elementary school teacher whose great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War when he was fourteen. Send Venable mail c/o [email protected]

Read two other letters in support of Stepien, from readers in Alaska and Montana, here and here. And read Dr. Gene Nelson's unpublished letter to the Morning News about its advocacy for hiring H-1B visa holders whose visas have expired here. 

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