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[VDARE.COM note: our headlines are black today in honor of the impending fifth anniversary of 9/11, an event which can now be seen to have been even more of a tragedy for American than appeared at the time.]

A Virginia Reader, Iraq Veteran, Predicts Bush's Impeachment; etc.

From:  [Name Withheld]

When the Democrats win the House in November, they'll impeach "W"—but for the wrong reasons, since they are equally as bad as the Republicans on immigration.

But impeachment will stop Bush from creating more mischief.

As I continually say to Republicans, I didn't fight in Iraq to "Press One for English".

"Name Withheld," who lives in the Washington D. C. metropolitan area, was on active duty in Iraq from 2003-2004.

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A Texas Reader, Recipient Of Two Meritorious Service Medals, Says Bush Should be Impeached

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Border Patrol Two, 9/11 Commission—Whose Side Is Bush On?

From: James F. Fleming Jr., Major USAF, Retired [e-mail him]

As a former military member who spent twenty-one years defending our great nation, I see George Bush as a traitor and worse.

His vanity and stupidity are only topped by his arrogance.

The Republicans made a huge mistake when they limited the impeachment charges against former President Bill Clinton and thus allowed the process to become a farce.

Clinton did so many things that were so much worse than his lying to the Grand Jury. Examples: illegal foreign contributions, the dismantling of the national security clearance system for federal employees, and his deals with Red China.

The Republicans were fooled. Now impeachment is a folly and foolishness instead of a means to rein in a President who is bent on disregarding his oath of office and his sworn duties to this nation.

Even after 9-11, we have a President who wants to cuddle up with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and try to deceive us with talk about national security while he sells out our national identity through dismantling our borders with the criminally run Third-World country Mexico and the socialist state of Canada.

This is treasonous and unconstitutional in all of its facets.

Where is the outrage and coverage in the MSM? Why no outcries about Bush's unconstitutional actions?

Now is a time when, as hard as it is for me to say, I would support a Congressional call for the President to report to Congress, even by Democrats who make treason part of their party's platform, on the ramifications of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

If not forthcoming, then the impeachment of George Bush should proceed before there is no more America.

Major Fleming lives in the San Antonio area. He has two sons, Master Sergeant James Barry Fleming, on active duty with the USAF who has received orders to report to Afghanistan in January 2007 and Sean Fleming, a plumber in the Colorado Springs, CO. area.

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A Reader In Turkey Says Bush Has Doomed The G.O.P.

From: Mike Heins

I am very upset and disturbed about what Bush is not doing about the border situation.

I write you from Istanbul, Turkey where I teach English as a Foreign Language, and do what I can to help from here.

Bush's lack of leadership has shown me how corrupt our system has become.

My hope is the charges on innocent Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean will be dropped, but even with all the signatures Bush has received from Americans who support justice, I doubt if Bush will allow this to happen. Bush has doomed the Republican Party.

Thank you for keeping me informed with your articles, even in far-away Turkey.

Heins' permanent residence is in the Spokane, WA, area.

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A New Jersey Reader Doesn't See Any Assimilation In Her Neighborhood

From:  Janice Martorano [e-mail her]

As a resident of New Jersey, I try to stay away from the urban areas where I grew up.

Unfortunately, my 88-year-old mother refuses to move and I am forced to drive weekly into the Third World. Interestingly enough, my mother's house is the only one in the entire neighborhood that flies an American flag on our national holidays.

The Muslims and Hispanics choose not to. That's assimilation.

Apparently Presidents Bush and Fox think that the remittances from Mexicans living in the U.S. will somehow make Mexico more economically attractive and encourage illegals to suddenly return home.

If only! In truth, Bush's desire to open the northern and southern borders to goods, services and people is more likely.

God help us if this comes to fruition.

Martorano, a wife and mother, is a Microbiologist with an MBA in Pharmaceutical/Chemical Studies. As a result of an early retirement package offered by her employer, Martorano now works as a field support computer technician. Martorano's interest in immigration began when she watched the pro-illegal alien marches.

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A Texas Reader Says She Doesn't See Bush "Family Values" At Her Work Place

From:  Suzan Donoghue [e-mail her

At my job at the San Antonio County Jail County Jail in Texas, I deal with legal and illegal Hispanic thugs day in and day out.

Many are here for child and spousal abuse. Most are on drugs, alcohol and welfare. They have multiple Lone Star cards for food stamps, each with different numbers.

Some prisoners return so often that they comment on my new hairstyle since their last incarceration.

As for the "family values" that George W. Bush so proudly touts about Mexicans, allow, let me share two personal experiences.

First, my 76-year-old cousin was murdered a few years ago. Her throat was cut and she suffered multiple stab wounds. Three Hispanics were seen running from her house.

The Texas Rangers speculate that because her son is an undercover narcotics agent for the Department of Public Safety, that she was killed when the cartel did not find him home.

(Read the details at the San Antonio Police Department cold case file here. Look for Dorothy Lubbock, 1996.)

Second, last April my 13-year-old stepdaughter joined a church group for teens. It was supposed to teach Christian principles like avoiding drugs and practicing abstinence.

But some Mexicans (over 18) at the party slipped her drugs and fed her booze.

Then they raped her. What they took from her she will never get back.

These are the "family values" George Bush keeps insisting that we need.

Bush will never have to worry about his daughters Jenna and Barbara being raped, nor will he have to worry that mother or wife will be brutally murdered at the hands of these invaders.

But what about the rest of us? Bush can sleep in peace at night knowing his life will not be destroyed.

What a pitiful excuse for a president to care more about Mexicans and Mexico than Americans and America!

Donoghue's previous letter is here.

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