A New Jersey Reader Is Outraged and Disgusted by Attorney General Zulima Farber
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From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Bryanna Bevans Blog: New Jersey Attorney General Supports Illegal Aliens At Rally Today

I am outraged that the (Dis)Honorable Zulima Farber, Attorney General of New Jersey, supported breaking federal immigration laws. I am disgusted that she attended pro-illegal immigrant rallies. And Farber had the audacity to speak in Spanish.

Farber said, "I understand your struggle and the challenge of being an immigrant." Apparently there is no difference to Farber between a legal and an illegal immigrant.[Thousands in Newark Protest Immigration Proposal," Jennifer Weiss, Star-Ledger, April 24, 2006]

Here's a very sad and ironic footnote on her pandering to the legal and illegal Hispanic bloc.

This is a page from our craven Attorney General's own website, and it lists New Jersey's twelve most wanted criminals.

Note that fully half of them (six) are Hispanic. The others are four blacks and two whites.  By the way, you will note that Farber is either Hispanic or Spanish. It is no great leap of logic to conclude where her political loyalties lie. And it is not with America or Americans.

Is she blind? I'll bet that she has no idea who the twelve most wanted are and if she did wouldn't care anyway.

We need to flood Governor Jon Corzine's office with calls and e-mails, and get him and Farber to see their political careers flashing before their eyes. Demand Farber's dismissal.

Send Corzine e-mail here; e-mail Farber here or telephone Farber's office at 609-292-4925


The writer requested that his name be withheld because of "fear of persecution for speaking out."

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