A Turkish Reader Comments On A Displaced American Quant; Peter Brimelow Responds
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May 18, 2004

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A Numerate Reader Fingers Forbes' Figures

From: A Turkish Reader

I've just read the letter from that displaced American Quant. This is a very impressive diagnosis.

It reminds me one of the primary reasons why I read sites like VDARE.COM.

Most of my friends here in Istanbul suffer from the same "socialistic paradigm" disease that this gentleman suggests is communicated by the Indian and Chinese. They just don't get why I might be reading VDARE.COM. Pathetic fools. They have no idea how critical an outlet it is.

The Internet, before everything else, became an intellectual life-line for me ever since I started using it back in 1996. And that is exactly the reason why I'm almost addicted to sites like yours: the unhampered and (almost) uncensored expression of the once - not too long ago, and still - spectacularly robust Anglo Saxon/American culture.

I am still learning capitalism the genuine way, you see. And I know I still have a way to go - even after all that reading from sites like Mises.org.

Many thanks for reading.

Peter Brimelow: You're welcome. For a SPLC-certified "Hate Group," we get mail from a lot of interesting readers.

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