An Ohio Doctor Says In Today's Economy You Have "Two Jobs" or "Two Houses"
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From:  Tim Mount, M.D. [e-mail him]

Re: A Massachusetts Reader Reports On the Mexican Invasion of Nantucket

Your reader's letter from Nantucket who wrote that illegal aliens are rapidly replacing legal workers including college students reminds me of my nine-month job in Jackson Hole, WY. between undergraduate and medical school.

That was a great experience for me and was an eye-opening lesson about class in America. The saying was in Jackson Hole you either have two jobs or two houses.

Like Nantucket, Jackson Hole has no middle class. You live as a lord or you work for hourly wages.

California, once a blue-collar haven, is now Nantucket on a much larger scale. The middle class dream is beyond many no matter how long or hard they work.

Pedro and Miguel will never be playing tennis or getting a massage at a La Costa spa.

And that's just the way the so- called liberals Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry like it. Their aristocratic life style is never in jeopardy.

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