An Illinois Reader Is Disgusted That His State Celebrates Mexican Independence Day And Asks—Independent From What?
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From:  Dave Martin [e-mail him]

Illinois and Chicago will be celebrating the "2nd Annual Mexican Skyline Tribute", beginning September 12 and lasting for six days. This is "in honor" of Mexican Independence Day. [VDARE.COM note: Great timing…the day after 9/11 and lasting for nearly a week!]

Treasonous Lt. Governor Pat Quinn enthusiastically promotes the festivity by comparing it to St. Patrick's Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Day! And Quinn appeared on Univision Radio to talk it up. [Contact Quinn here, see Chicago-Mexico website for other similar events here and contact its office here. Read more about Univision Radio Chicago here.]

According to organizers, prominent Chicago buildings like the Sears Tower and the Wrigley Building will be "bathed in red, white and green."

All this is to laud Mexican independence. But I see no signs that Mexico is independent from anything…most especially the U.S.

Mexico receives almost $20 billion in remittances annually from their relatives who reside stateside.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, six states will send more than $1 billion each—including Illinois, California, New York, Florida, Texas and New Jersey.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza announced on April 22, 2005 that the Environmental Protection Agency will send $57 million dollars to Mexico for various projects

Garza also introduced Training, Internships, Exchanges and Scholarships, T.I.E.S., a program with an initial funding of $50 million to bring Mexican nationals to the U.S. to study at our universities.

Again I ask, where is the evidence of Mexican independence?

If Mexico were truly self-sufficient, it wouldn't need so much financial assistance just to stay afloat.

Mexico, an oil-rich nation that has virtually no environmental barriers on drilling, should have a booming economy. But alas the oil money never finds it way south to the poor Mexican states that need it most.

But because of Mexico's class system, the fair-skinned elite like Mexican president Vicente Fox enjoys all the wealth.

Martin is a truck driver and a member of the Illinois Minutemen.

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