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05/22/09 - A Reader Says Stop Worrying About "Professional" Mexicans—Deport Them All

A Nevada IT Worker Asks Why, If Indians Are So "Superior", Their Country Is Such A Dump; etc.

From: "An American Citizen With Advanced Degrees" (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Intel Disseminates Diversity Propaganda (To Benefit Itself)

I loved Walker's blog regarding the new Intel ad campaign.  As an American high tech worker I have had my face rubbed in this diversity nonsense for too long. I've had enough.

If Indians are of such uniformly high caliber, why is the country racked by massive runaway population growth, grinding poverty and a caste system that imposes misery on the majority of its one billion people. One would think that if Indians were as talented as we are repeatedly told, those superior folks would be able to raise their own country out of the gutter.

Brenda Walker answers: On the worldwide hypocrisy scale, India rates number one. Indians have a very overblown belief in their own superiority based on the alleged spirituality aspect to their culture. Frankly, Indians have nothing to be arrogant about.Yoga is nice but India has all kinds of socially acceptable evils, as our reader notes, and the nasty bits far outweigh the good.

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A Texas Reader Says Houston Is Finished…As A Sanctuary City

From: Brian Welch (e-mail him)

There's a rebellion brewing in one of America's biggest cities, the sanctuary city of Houston.

An ongoing rash of police shootings by illegal aliens is chafing Houston's "thin blue line".

The Houston Police Officers' Union president recently called for Houston Mayor Bill White [email him] to end the city's sanctuary policies that prevent HPD from even asking a suspect's legal status. [President's Message: Time For Mayor To Take Lead Against 'Sanctuary' by Gary Blankinship, Badge & Gun, April 2009] 

This is one in a long line of calls for ending Houston 's sanctuary status, including one from White in 2006 following the murder of HPD officer Rodney Johnson after he took an illegal alien into custody. 

Blankinship wrote to White:

"For starters, you should amend or scrap the 17-year-old Houston Police Department policy (General Order No. 500-5), which firmly states that 'officers shall not inquire as to the citizenship status of any person, nor will officers detain or arrest any persons solely on the belief that they are in this country illegally.'

"It is outrageous to learn that, as recently as November of last year, you were fully aware that thousands of illegal immigrants eligible for deportation - all convicted felons like Joel Alfaro - were slipping through Houston 's jails undetected by federal immigration officials.

"You rightly noted the city of Houston 'can't deport people;' but isn't that particularly true if the city policy you have repeatedly defended intentionally discourages our officers from reporting them?

"We welcome your new support for the 287(g) program that lets HPD train and coordinate with federal immigration officials - and other new pledges of enhanced resources and cooperation - but you can do more.

"Why does this matter? A recent study by the Government Accountability Office found that the 55,322 criminal immigrants they tracked were arrested a total of at least 459,614 times - averaging over eight arrests per immigrant.

"The Department of Justice conducted its own research and found that the 73 criminal immigrants in their study group were arrested a total of 429 times - or roughly six arrests per immigrant."

As much as 800 percent recidivism?  

Call me jaded, but if history is an indicator, Houston will likely make some "noise" about enforcement and about ending its sanctuary policies and may even throw a little money at the problem by supporting the 287(g) training Blankinship (email him) mentioned. 

Then, perhaps citing President Barack Obama's recent refusal of monies to support criminal aliens' incarceration expenses, it will probably reaffirm the sanctuary policy, continuing the well-known threat to the lives and property of Houston citizens.

Since White is running for Kay Bailey Hutchison's soon-to-be-vacated U.S. Senate seat, he may be able to actually do something about federal immigration policy.

Welch is a US Navy veteran who works in the nuclear power industry that, he says, "hasn't been outsourced—yet –only because they haven't figured out a way to do it effectively". His most recent letter about swine flu in Texas is here. Previous letters from Welch about Governor Rick Perry are archived here and here. Read Welch's blog here.

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A Rhode Island Reader Wonders About Chuck Baldwin's Interpretation of the Constitution

From: Daniel Antinora (e-mail him)

Re: Chuck Baldwin's Column: Military Militia Report Withdrawn—SPLC, Obama DHS Defeated (No Thanks To MSM)

Baldwin claims that he defends the Constitution but is absolutely aghast that someone might conflate his supporters with the supporters of "violence prone" militias and is upset that he might be connected to "potentially dangerous" militia movements.

Why does Baldwin balk at defending these folk who are just as well within their rights as he is?

In fact, what good is a militia if it isn't potentially dangerous?

Apparently, Baldwin is afraid of being mistaken for a real patriot. Obviously, he curries favor from the Establishment that he claims to despise, while simultaneously seeking to absolve himself of imagined associations with people that he should count himself extremely lucky to be falsely linked to despite his disparaging of them.

Antinora is a California native who blogs here.

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