An American Muslim Reproaches Brenda Walker For Her "Reprehensible" Views; Brenda Replies
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From: A Muslim Patriot (e-mail him)

Like most VDARE.COM readers, I am an American fed up with over-immigration that lowers our country's living standards. 

While in general I praise your site, one columnist takes her advocacy too far, specifically Brenda Walker.

I am a native-born American Muslim. As such, I cannot allow the completely misinformed Walker to trash my religion because of a few criminals who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon

In case Walker has forgotten, most Muslims including myself condemn the September 11, 2001 attacks.  Islam does not tolerate killing innocent people.

Although Walker apparently thinks only Christians can be patriotic, she's wrong.  I served in the United States Marine Corps and fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom against other Muslims.

And this will shock Walker: I am against immigration from other Islamic nations. 

Walker may wonder why want to keep out my own people? 

My answer is that many Islamic nations' practices actually violate Islam.

  • First, the Qur'an says that there can be no compulsory religion. Accordingly, nations like Saudi Arabia that let only Muslims practice their faith violate the Qur'an. 
  • Second, Walker also believes that Muslims condone female genital mutilation; but in reality this is a cultural and not a religious practice.
  • Third, nowhere in the Qur'an does it say that women must cover themselves from head-to-toe.  That too is a cultural tradition, not practiced in many Islamic countries like Tunisia or Turkey.

I encourage Walker to get her facts straight.  I may be a Muslim, a religion Walker obviously hates, but I am with her to keeping out immigrants who don't assimilate.

God bless Brenda Walker. Yes, we Muslims can and do say "God Bless you".

Brenda Walker responds: Muslim Patriot accuses me of unfairly castigating Islam but I disagree.

Muslims declared war on Western Civilization in general and America in particular on 9/11. While I'm sure there are worthy American Muslims,, it is not customary to welcome the enemy camp during wartime. We should maintain that policy. Roosevelt didn't reach out to the Germans or the Japanese during WWII.

I'm not an Islamic scholar. So when someone commits a brutal, murderous act in the name of Allah, I take him at his word.

Whether bin Laden follows the so-called true Islam or not; he and his followers believe they do. The hijackers shrieked "Allahu Akbar" when smashing their planes into American buildings, killing thousands. What more do you need to know?

In addition, women's social progress is threatened by the misogyny of the millions of immigrants who come from anti-woman societies—including Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Islamic cultures. The European women are at risk because of increased attacks from Muslim immigrants.

I don't hate Islam as Muslim Patriot alleges. But I do think everyone would be happier living in his own cultural milieu. Geography prevents problems.

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