A Texan Reminds Us Not To Get Too Enthusiastic About Governor Rick Perry
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08/07/08 - A Reader Contrasts Bush's Actions In The Ramos/Compean And Medellin Cases

Re: Murderer Medellin Executed At Last—No Thanks To Bush Administration By Brenda Walker

Brian Welch writes

Ms. Walker is right to laud the actions of the governor of Texas in the Medellin case (and to have a positive view of Texas and Texans in general).  But she should be careful not to praise Gov. Perry too highly.

Perry is a politician of the highest order (not a compliment) who has done everything he can to dissolve American sovereignty:

  • He was one of 13 gubernatorial signatories to the September 12, 2007, H-1b visa increase letter to Congress

  • He opposed the border fence, and supports open borders in general

 We can be sure that he only took this stance because of some immediate political gain.  Probably he just saw the writing on the wall, and figured he had to throw the proletariat a bone.

Welch is a US Navy veteran who works in the nuclear power industry that, he says, "hasn't been outsourced – yet –only because they haven't figured out a way to do it effectively".  His previous letter on Rick Perry is here.

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