A Reader in India Says the West Is Dead
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November 28, 2005

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A Texas Catholic Reader Shares Her Experiences

From: Adnan Khan: [e-mail him]

Your concern for your white brothers and sisters seems to be warranted.

First, the defeated and desperate Islamic peoples are bleeding your resources in a seemingly endless war of terror, and guerilla wars your army cannot win.

Second, the amount of scientists and engineers from China and

India is so crushing and dominating it seems that in fifty years you will not be able to withstand it. It's like ten Japans into one.

Third, the Soviet Union as bad as it was, was a white power that still propagated the illusion of white supremacy. Now that it has fallen, the world will witness something it hasn't in three centuries.

The undisputed superpower of the earth will be China. With China's plan to have the ten greatest universities on earth and its blistering 10% economic growth, it can achieve this.

Behind China will be India. What the world will witness is a non-white superpower. If India is second, the whities won't even be on the map.

And consider that the third place USA will be, by 2050, more than half Latino and black.

In the 2050 US, Asian Indians and Chinese will dominate your upper echelons financially and academically, and blacks would dominate sport and entertainment. Also Jewish people would continue their dominance.

All white and non-white kids will wake up every day in a world where no white country is even close to power. Their psyche will be tremendously affected.

The boost to the Asians will be enormous and the morale of the whites will shrink to non-existence.

The old whites will sit on the fence and say, "I remember when whites ruled," and the Chinese and Indian men will laugh and ask, "When was this?"

Well don't worry. You had your time. I am I writing this from my mansion in India.

I got a job from some American who was incredibly ignorant and miserably inadequate at accounting.

I have no respect for Americans anymore. What was once a great culture built on learning and decency has nothing but a bunch of ignorant immoral morons. Such is your fate.

Maybe your grandson can apply for immigration to China one day...or maybe the Chinese will remember how you guys let us in.


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