Two Houston Readers Cheer On Cleburne vs. Chronicle
May 07, 2008, 05:00 AM
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A Houston Reader Says Poll Understates Opposition To Immigration

From: George Weinbaum (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne`s Blogs: Un PC Results From The Houston Area Survey and The Houston Area Survey: Rotten To The Core

I live in Houston and read the Chronicle article cited by Patrick Cleburne. [Ignorance Is Costlier Than Immigrants, By Lisa Falkenberg, [Send her mail] Houston Chronicle, April 28, 2008] 

As a resident, I`m certain that the polling results (61 percent think that illegal immigration is a "serious problem") understate our populace`s disgust with the alien invasion.

Around here, there is the sense that if the illegal immigration doesn`t end soon, we could be headed into a period of deep conflict the likes of which have not been seen since the Civil War.

Lisa Falkenberg`s so-called story is a joke.

Weinbaum is a CPA. His previous letter about the Houston Chronicle`s pro-immigration reporting is here. And Weinbaum`s most recent letter about Roger Cardinal Mahony is here.


Another Houston Reader Calls Chronicle`s Falkenberg A "Leftist Propaganda Mouthpiece"

From: James Crowley (e-mail him)

Cleburne wrote two great blogs.

I`m a native Houstonian of 58 years and wanted to vomit after reading Lisa Falkenberg`s piece.

Years ago, I quit buying and reading that Chronicle rag. I read her story totally by chance when I found it on my table at the local Whataburger.

Falkenberg [Send her mail] is one of the Chronicle`s newer leftist propaganda mouthpieces. She`s in excellent company among her fellow reporters and editors.

Crowley`s most recent letter about Irish illegal immigrants is here. His earlier letter about easily offended Hispanics is here.