Two Houston Readers Cheer On Cleburne vs. Chronicle
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A Houston Reader Says Poll Understates Opposition To Immigration

From: George Weinbaum (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blogs: Un PC Results From The Houston Area Survey and The Houston Area Survey: Rotten To The Core

I live in Houston and read the Chronicle article cited by Patrick Cleburne. [Ignorance Is Costlier Than Immigrants, By Lisa Falkenberg, [Send her mail] Houston Chronicle, April 28, 2008] 

As a resident, I'm certain that the polling results (61 percent think that illegal immigration is a "serious problem") understate our populace's disgust with the alien invasion.

Around here, there is the sense that if the illegal immigration doesn't end soon, we could be headed into a period of deep conflict the likes of which have not been seen since the Civil War.

Lisa Falkenberg's so-called story is a joke.

Weinbaum is a CPA. His previous letter about the Houston Chronicle's pro-immigration reporting is here. And Weinbaum's most recent letter about Roger Cardinal Mahony is here.


Another Houston Reader Calls Chronicle's Falkenberg A "Leftist Propaganda Mouthpiece"

From: James Crowley (e-mail him)

Cleburne wrote two great blogs.

I'm a native Houstonian of 58 years and wanted to vomit after reading Lisa Falkenberg's piece.

Years ago, I quit buying and reading that Chronicle rag. I read her story totally by chance when I found it on my table at the local Whataburger.

Falkenberg [Send her mail] is one of the Chronicle's newer leftist propaganda mouthpieces. She's in excellent company among her fellow reporters and editors.

Crowley's most recent letter about Irish illegal immigrants is here. His earlier letter about easily offended Hispanics is here.


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