Intel Disseminates Diversity Propaganda (to Benefit Itself)
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Intel is running an ad that some Americans may find objectionable — I certainly did. But C-Net News cheerfully explained the industry advertising campaign as follows...
Intel's "rock star" ads will try to show that Intel is more than just microprocessors—a theme of its broader ad campaign to launch on Monday.

One of the first Internet-based ads focuses on Ajay Bhatt, an Intel Fellow who was one of the principal engineers behind the development of USB, a crucial Intel technology used in virtually all PCs today. (Intel engineers in the ads are personified by hired actors. "Several of the engineers we're personifying confided that acting isn't within their comfort zone," said Sandra Lopez, Intel's global consumer marketing manager in a statement.)

The new global "Sponsors of Tomorrow" campaign is Intel's biggest marketing campaign in three years and the first that focuses on the Intel brand and not a processor product. [Intel ads spotlight 'rock star' engineers, C-Net News, May 7, 2009]

Check it out.

Where to start?! First of all, the "rock star" ad is thinly disguised diversity propaganda to make citizens surrender to workplace displacement by foreigners. The ad shows properly indoctrinated American workers swooning in adoration at the sight of an Indian who is clearly superior to them; the citizens are submissive and the Indian is dominant. One message is how the cubicle employees should feel lucky that Intel allows them to work at all, particularly in the presence of an exceptional being like Ajay Bhatt.

The ad is hugely sexist. A couple men admire the hero quietly as he enters the rather sparse break room, but women are going faint with hysteria. The attractive young blonde at first shrieks in frenzy and then clutches the arm of her friend so she doesn't melt into a puddle on the floor. You can't have a "rock star" without groupies, apparently.

The Indian portraying Bhatt walks with a swagger and exudes a sneering arrogance. Why would a young American man even try to compete with an alpha male of such dominance? Forget IT or engineering, kid, and study plumbing instead, because there is no future for citizens in tech.

Of course, in pitching Indian superiority, Intel is protecting its bottom line, which has gotten the benefit of thousands of H-1b workers. Companies want Americans to accept that IT business is not willing to pay middle-class wages to skilled citizens, and this ad is a part of that agenda: resistance is futile.

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