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A North Carolina Reader Demands Respect For The South From Presidential Candidates Romney And Thompson; etc.

From: Mike Scruggs (e-mail him)

I am disgusted with the disrespect for the Confederate Battle Flag recently expressed by Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson (from Tennessee!), and in the past by another candidate, Sen. John McCain.

Romney: "That's not a flag that I recognize."

Thompson: "…for a great many Americans, it's a symbol of racism."

[Confederate Flag Supporters Upset By Romney, Thompson, Associated Press, November 30, 2007]

We ought not to let them get away with their ignorant and slanderous disdain for the Confederate Battle Flag, Southern Heritage, Southerners, and the South.

If they won't respect us, we'll give them the political bayonet.

Scruggs is a real estate broker living in Hendersonville. He holds a BS from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Stanford University and is a decorated U.S. Air Force combat veteran of the Vietnam War. Scruggs is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and authored The Un-Civil War: Truths Your Teacher Never Told You.

In addition, Scruggs writes a weekly commentary for the Asheville Tribune and the Hendersonville Tribune in Western North Carolina.

Previous VDARE.COM contributions from Scruggs, wishing Robert E. Lee a Happy Birthday and taking note of the role played by Southerners during the ultimately defeated Kennedy-Bush amnesty, are here and here

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A Teacher, Retired U.S. Air Force, Says English as a Second Language [ESL] Is "Designed For Failure"

From: Clyde Dilg (e-mail him)

I'm working on a special education endorsement and a Masters in Education with one year remaining.

Right now I'm student teaching in a school which is 65 percent Hispanic. They will not allow us to know if they are legal. But by talking to—not asking—my students, I can tell that they are mostly here illegally. 

There are many things that bother me about our education system: 

1) Government has no business meddling in education. All it knows how to do is collect taxes. Then, it uses those proceeds to indoctrinate with its leftist ideals the population of fertile young minds. The Department of Education should more correctly be called the Department of Indoctrination.

2) Whether in the classroom as a teacher or a student, one cannot openly speak one's mind.  To get through school with a good academic score, I have to play by their rules. Diversity only applies when you agree with those who are in power.

3) The strategy for teaching English (ESL) in our schools is designed for failure— on purpose, I believe.  There exists no better greater strategy to ensure teachers undying support than to feed its union an endless supply of work (non-English speaking students) with a limitless budget.  What company in the private sector could afford to stay in business with such a plan?

When my student teaching ends, I vow never to teach in a public school.

Too many public venues, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, are like Mexico City where Americans are treated like second-class citizens. 

Well hey, I've got to get back to my homework and make up some more lies—this time the benefits of teaching Non-Standard Black English

Now there is a strategy for continued poverty!

Dilg, who lives in Oregon, is retired from the Air Force with a rank of Senior Master Sergeant after a career of 25 years as a combat engineer. He also taught in the Air Force's and technical schools and at local community colleges.

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An Illinois Reader Has Good News For Those Who Favor EPL—English As A Primary Language

From: Walter Tappe

For generations politics in the state of Illinois has been regarded as the epitome of corruption, graft and nepotism.  

However, one glimmer of hope shines through, which was not mentioned in the major newspapers but received ample coverage in local journals. 

The State Board of Education recently decided they would no longer make special accommodations for ESL students on their statewide tests. 

This means that in Illinois, someone who does not (or will not) become proficient in English will still take the same tests as those who have been speaking our country's language all along. 

Of course, the education lobby is up in arms over this policy, calling it every name in the book.  

But it comes as good news to those of us who believe that ESL programs should be replaced with EPL programs—"English as the Primary Language." [Ruling Could Jeopardize Schools With ESL Students, By Karen Berkowitz, Norridge Harwood Heights-News, November 29, 2007]

Send Tappe mail c/o [email protected]

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A Reader in "Tejas" Warns To Get Out Of The Way Of Mexican Drivers—Because They Won't Get Out Of Yours!

From:  Suzan Donoghue [e-mail her]

My husband, who retired as a sergeant at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office in San Antonio, Texas, now works as a police officer in Sabinal, a small town with a huge Hispanic population.

While he was on duty, an 18-wheeler blew by my husband going 30 miles over the speed limit. When he stopped the truck, it had an American trailer with California plates attached to a Mexican truck with Mexican plates.

The driver spoke no English and had a Mexican driver's license that my husband could not understand.

The seals on the trailer were broken and the load was so small a van could have transported it.

How many American truckers will lose their jobs because of these leeches that don't even know how to drive?

By the way, it's not just the Mexican truckers who are a menace. The tour bus drivers from Turimex are bad, too.

I want to give your readers a heads up to get out of their way—because they won't get out of yours!

Things are bad down here in Tejas—-sorry, I mean Texas. I get confused sometimes.

Donoghue works in San Antonio law enforcement. Her previous letters are here, here and here.

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An Arizona Reader Says PC Blasphemy Will Cause You Trouble Wherever You Live

From: Thomas Quigley

Has anybody picked up on the irony of the British teacher Gillian Gibbons busted in Sudan? [Teacher Hidden As Sudan Mob Urges Death, Mohamed Osam, Associated Press, November 30, 2007]

It struck me how the new PC blasphemy can get you the same treatment—for speaking out against gays, racial speech, or other "inciting hatred" vagueness in today's so-called advanced and civilized Britain.

We in America and the U.K. have fallen to the level of the primitive superstitious nonsense that is found in the Third World.

Quigley is of Scottish descent and follows events in the UK via the Internet. Send him mail c/o [email protected]

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A Los Angeles Reader Says Public Transportation Is MC—-"Mexicanically Correct"

From: Fred Haney

Re: Clair Winston's Letter: A California Reader Reports The LA Metro System Caters To Aliens

And: Ray Rogers Letter: A California Reader Sees A Pro-Hispanic Non-Enforcement Plan on the MTA

As a long-time LA resident economically condemned to public transportation, I can affirm every word.

Two more examples to add to those mentioned by Winston and Rogers:

  1. Visit the Universal City Red Line subway station just to see the passenger platform.  Notice the elaborate MC mosaic—MC = "Mexicanically Correct" — telling what it claims is the real history of California that the gringo is afraid to admit.
  2. One series of features shown on bus TV screens is called "Raza De Campeones"—the "race of champions."

And no, there is no "De Campeones" series for whites or blacks, although Asian-Pacific Islanders may occasionally get a little face time.

Conclusion?  It is impossible for an insightful person not to grasp two things:

(a)  The extent to which government and non-profit corruption has created this takeover; and,

(b)  How much these traitors enjoy rubbing it in the faces of undefended Americans.

In the name of LAPD officer David March, gunned down by an illegal aliens during a traffic violation, damn them all. 

Send Haney mail c/o [email protected]

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A Fellow New Yorker Confirms That Job Market For Whites Is Tight

From: Jim Hayes

Re: Harold Rice's Letter: A New York Reader Says Good Luck To White Job Seekers

I know what Rice means.  As a white male (unemployed) job seeker in New York City, I'll be soon entering into my third year of unemployment. 

My profession, word processor, has been outsourced like crazy to India.  And every word processing center that I apply to is filled with minorities.

In my experience, diversity means anti-white.

Send Hayes mail c/o [email protected]

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Allan Wall Answers An Angry Hispanic Reader

From: Rafael Alvarez (e-mail him)

Sir, I am glad that Mexico has given Wall a legal recourse to live in that country.

It is a sorry reality that the U.S. does not give such an easy entrance to the brown people of the world.

A good friend of mine who overstayed his student visa, since 1992, was given a swift legal residency after breaking the law for 15 years.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, did I forget to tell you that Patrick, my friend, is from Sweden, blonde and blue-eyed.  

His only merit to America's social fabric is that he is a tennis instructor.

There is a definite selective discrimination providing an easy path to legal residency for the blondes of the world, like him.

I am sure that a short, dark skinned Guatemalan would be given a fast entry into citizenship, after being illegally in the U.S. if he also played and taught tennis.

Wall knows darn well that the time to migrate legally is up to 20 years…yet he wants the brown people to do it legally?

To encourage legal migration, I say don't discriminate selectively, as the immigration service does. 

There is so much shame in our American history, after we took all the land illegally from the Indians, etc.

Hypocrisy is the main banner of the anti-immigrant bigots like Wall.

Allan Wall replies: Of course, U.S immigration law does not discriminate in favor of whites. And Mexico's immigration policy is much less liberal, especially for illegals.

But it's probably a waste of time to attempt to reason with Alvarez. His letter is valuable as an example of the bitter, alienated attitude we are up against.

If by "brown people of the world" (Alvarez's description, not mine) the letter writer refers to Latin Americans, where has he been the past few decades? The U.S. has taken in millions of Latin Americans, treated them generously, and sought to accommodate them with a host of social service programs.  And this is the thanks we get?

As for Alvarez's Swedish friend, will he or his children be eligible for Affirmative Action? Does the government provide him with services in the Swedish language?

The question for Alvarez is, why are you so bitter and alienated against our country?

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