A Nevada Reader Wonders Why the Department of Motor Vehicles Promotes Mexico
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From: Mike Moss [e-mail him]

Re: Aztec License Plates in Nevada

Recently, I was driving home from a grocery store in Summerlin, Nevada, an affluent Las Vegas suburb. 

Cruising in front of me was a mini-van with a Nevada license plate with the Aztec "Sun Stone" symbol along with the words "Citizen Project." See it here.

Why would the symbol of an ancient people from a foreign country be portrayed on a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles-issued license plate in conjunction with a citizenship theme?

The Statue of Liberty is the most recognized symbol of new citizenship to most Americans. Wouldn't the Statue of Liberty be more appropriate?

Why would a Mexican symbol be chosen?  What does the "Citizenship Project" license plate mean to immigrants from the Philippines, South Africa or Afghanistan?

Also, it could be argued that the Aztec calendar stone is religious symbol. Are religious symbols now permitted on government issued license plates? Are there any Nevada license plates that display Catholic crucifixes or the Hebrew Star of David?

For more information on the "Sun Stone" go here.

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