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ResistingDefamation.Org's Bo Sears Insists VDARE.COM Stop Slurring White Americans; Peter Brimelow Wonders If He's A Mole; etc.

From: Bo Sears: (e-mail him)

Re: Chilton Williamson's Column: My Two Mexicos

We're concerned about this line from a column by Williamson about his new book Mexico Way that VDARE.COM posted.

Here is the offending line:

"Mexico Way recounts the grueling adventures of a naïve and sheltered white-bread American male who arrives at a belated coming-of-age through a terrifying ordeal...."

"White bread" is a well known abusive term for the diverse white American men and women, originating in the entertainment centers of New York and Los Angeles, going as far back as The Dick Van Dyke Show which regularly made snarky jokes about "white-bread and mayonnaise" as blatant put-downs of white Americans.

We respectfully ask you to eschew terms that denigrate us.

Sears' website is Its stated purpose is  "To combat slurs, hate caricatures, and negative stereotypes expressed against the diverse white American peoples, especially young white Americans.". A previous letter is here.

Peter Brimelow replies:

Earlier this week, Sears also sent the following to his e-mail list (including me):

"What's going on at VDARE.COM?  It claim to speak on behalf of the cultures of the diverse white American peoples, but then they turn around and tell us we are 'anglos'. That label strips us of our diversity and our nationality, and emphasizes the use of the Spanish-language 'anglo' over any label we choose for ourselves. 

"It may be that VDARE.COM believes that the Spanish-language 'anglo' is a tip-of-the-hat to one (Anglo-Saxon) of the many ethnicities that make up our diverse white American peoples, but it is really a Spanish-language term of abuse and denigration.

"And here they go again.  The VDARE.COM daily letter is headlined, 'A New Mexico Reader On Bill Richardson's Chameleon-like Ability To Be Hispanic Or Anglo Depending On The Audience,' and you can read it at here.

'Surprise!  The letter writer doesn't label us 'anglo,' he actually uses the contrasting terms 'Hispanic' and 'true blue' Americans.  It was our friends at VDARE.COM who changed the 'true blue' to 'anglo' in the headline.  Now why would it do that?

"I guess they don't want contributions from the diverse white Americans who have a decent sense of self-respect."

 I have repeatedly said that VDARE.COM is a forum site and will publish writers of any persuasion who are critical of America's immigration disaster. We have taken great risks by publishing writers like Jared Taylor and the late Sam Francis, who can fairly be described as "white nationalists" in the sense that they aim to defend the interests of American whites just as Zionists aim to defend the interest of Jews and La Raza the interests of Latinos. I myself have played the turnabout is fair play game, for example with regard to the War Against Christmas. But I am bound to say that Bo Sears' crude use of this tactic often seems to me to go beyond making a polemical point and actually to become the paranoid political correctness we are trying to combat, which is completely counter-productive.

Sears has never acknowledged VDARE.COM's defense of the causes he presumably favors. Instead, we get constant sniping like the above letter. Now he is attacking VDARE.COM's fund-raising, although he must realize that our situation is desperate, particularly this year.

It seems to me, as I have put to him in an email to which he has not responded, that his behavior can only be construed as the actions of a mole.

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WAR AGAINST CHRISTMAS COMPETITION 2008: [blog] [I] [II] [III] [IV] [V] [VI] [VII][VIII][IX][X][XI][XII][XIII]- See also: War Against Christmas 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999

An Illinois Reader Shares Her War on Christmas Victory

From: Brenda Verner (e-mail her)

Last Christmas, I bitterly complained about the Comcast community bulletin board on my television cable outlet going politically correct by ending it's tradition of playing all the varieties of our wonderful American Christmas music throughout Advent

I wrote to our local newspapers. VDARE.COM posted my letter about this outrage.

Again, close to May 5th, this year, I wrote another letter to our local papers asking if Comcast had traded Cinco de Mayo for Christmas because last year they subjected us to Mexican music sung in Spanish celebrating a foreign country's holiday. Yet they found it unacceptable to celebrate our own culture during Christmas.

Soon thereafter, all music ceased on our community bulletin board.

However, on this past November 14th I turned to Comcast community announcements and was delighted to hear Christmas music. I was stunned. (Thank Comcast here.)

I called my friends to listen in. In my eyes, Comcast has redeemed itself.

Thanks to millions of Americans and VDARE.COM readers who not only enjoy our Christmas music, but also expect that corporations will reflect who we are as Americans—that we are a Christian nation that enthusiastically celebrates its Christmas traditions.

Brenda Verner is also known as the Christian Christmas Lady. Her book titled 101 Ways To Have A Christian Christmas is available at Amazon.Com and from the publisher, Tyndale House.

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A Florida Reader Wonders If Immigrants Have Heard About Birth Control

From: Harriet Osborne (e-mail her)

Does anyone know what percentage of macho Mexican males get vasectomies for birth control or how many Mexican females get tubal ligations? 

If we were to set up a free vasectomy clinic for Mexican men, would there be a single taker?  

As we all know, too many pregnant Mexican females already have more children than they can care for either emotionally or financially.

In the 1970s, we were constantly hearing about ZPG—Zero Population Growth. We were encouraged to have approximately two children, replacement level and no more.

Many Caucasians were mindful of this so as not to overpopulate our country.

But are we the only race that endorses population control?

Joe Guzzardi comments: Information about vasectomies outside of the U.S. is dated but indicates that historically the process is uncommon in Mexico. The numbers who undergo the procedure is described as "very modest". Little information is available about Mexican-Americans and either vasectomies or tubal ligation.

From my classroom experience—the students were mostly women of childbearing age—I gathered that women were less resistant to the idea of birth control than the men. Once, during a class I taught to Southeast Asian refugees, representatives from the San Joaquin County Health Department came to offer instructions on how to use condoms. The men walked out in unison.

But since the men dominate in Mexican and Asian families, their wishes prevail, except in the few cases where the women secretly took protective measures.

The main reasons that Mexican family size—at least among the poor— remains large in comparison to American's is a) religion and b) a lingering feeling among males that the numbers of children they father is related to manliness.

As for Zero Population Growth, it fell victim to political correctness and in 2002 changed its name to Population Connection. Obviously, the United States can't have immigration and no population increases. That was a place ZPG didn't have the courage to go. Hence, the organization changed its name and a shifted away from discouraging immigration into the U.S. as a way to limit population.

On May 8, 2008, the group officially abandoned the policy of advocating reduced immigration to the U.S. as a method of limiting population growth. On that date, it announced its newly adopted strategy that states

"Immigration pressures on the U.S. population are best relieved by addressing factors which compel people to leave their homes and families and immigrate to the United States."

Population Connection is as worthless in the immigration wars as the Sierra Club.

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A Missouri Reader Has A Simple Solution To American Job Loss

From: U. G. Sullivan (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Immigrants Start Self-Deporting—But American Worker Displacement Still Massive In Bush Era

Perhaps I am a simpleton—you are the judge—but I have an idea that some would consider radical but to me is common sense.

Since 533,000 American jobs were lost in November, why not deport 533,000 illegal aliens—particularly those in the construction trades.

Problem solved!

Although I'm not an economist, I love America dearly. I fear that political correctness and porous borders are the twin hammers that might ultimately destroy it.

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