A Connecticut Reader Confirms A Trend—Immigrants Going Home
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12/11/08 - A Washington State Reader Says Pols Who Support Illegal Immigration Have Problems Obeying the Law

From: Rob Freeman (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Pennsylvania Reader Has A Two Step Plan To Encourage Immigrants To Take Their Skills Back Home

No sooner did D. F. Whipple's letter appear than I read an item in the New York Times that Indians are in fact returning—happily—to their native soil.

"Now, in our family and among our Indian-American friends, other children of immigrants are exploring motherland opportunities. As economies convulse in the West and jobs dry up, the idea is spreading virally in émigré homes.

"India's second-generation returnees have built boutiques that fuse Indian fabrics with Western cuts, founded companies that train a generation to work in Western companies, become dealmakers in investment firms that speak equally to Wall Street and Dalal Street, mixed albums that combine throbbing tabla with Western melodies.

"Countries like India once fretted about a 'brain drain.' We are learning now that 'brain circulation,' as some call it, may be more apt." (India Calling, by Anand Giridharadas, New York Times, November 22, 2008) 

I'm glad India is doing well. But it brings questions about what their intentions were from the beginning.  

A local hotelier told me that he believes America is going down the tubes and he's moving back to his plantation.  

I don't want to jinx the trend of emigration, which I think is a wonderful thing, but it just goes to show that very many of these immigrants just wanted to make a buck and scram.  

It's an understandable motive, but liberal immigration policy brings to my mind the word . . . promiscuous.  

Emma Lazarus turned our Statue of Liberty into a streetwalker with her awful poem.  I hope to live to see it removed and dissociated from the statue.

Freeman is an organic farmer. His previous letter about his willingness to accept Iraqi refugees is here.

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