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A New York Reader Learns The True Story Behind A Killing In A Massachusetts Public Housing Complex; etc.

From:  Matthew Richer [e-mail him]

A Boston police officer I went to high school with told me that the murder victim in a public housing shooting, Alberto Duarte, was an illegal alien—something the local media omitted, as you will see in this story. [Dad Slain Trying To Save 'Sis', by Jessica Fargen (e-mail her) and Michelle McPhee, Boston Herald, July 28, 2006.]

Indeed, the Boston Herald story does not mention that many illegals in Massachusetts live in public housing.  Since the Boston area is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, citizens apparently must therefore subsidize the illegal population. 

Moreover, Duarte leaves three young anchor babies that will no doubt be further dependent on state government.  

Boston has traditionally had a small, almost non-existent Hispanic population.  Growing up there during the 1980s and 1990s, I saw zero Hispanics on the MTA. 

Now you see them huddled together on the subway speaking Spanish to each other and wearing their " colors."  

Predictably, Boston's crime rate has skyrocketed in recent years.  But no one ever mentions the most obvious factor:  Hispanic immigration—publicly subsidized, of course.

Richer's previous letter about illegal aliens on Cape Cod is here. And read "Sarah's" letter about aliens in California public housing here.

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A Washington State Reader Goes Home To Iowa; Finds Mexico

From:  Carrie Miller

A few weeks ago I went back to my hometown of Denison, Iowa to visit relatives.  I dropped by Wal-Mart, saw an Iowa State flag hanging on the wall opposite the registers and wanted to buy one.  

What I found was not Iowa or American flags even though it was around Independence Day but Mexican flags…piles and piles of Mexican flags

Taquerias have replaced local restaurants.  Signs of the invasion were everywhere: Spanish signs in store fronts and Spanish speakers on all corners.

We dropped by KFC—the cashier barely spoke English.  Can you believe it? In small town Iowa, the birthplace of one of our American icons, Donna Reed!

I was mortified to see that, in less than a decade, illegal immigrants had overrun the county that my grandfather settled more than 150 years ago.

My family came from Scandinavian and English stock; my earliest ancestors arrived here in 1628, and none arrived later than 1880.  

And it's not the farmers bringing illegal aliens in. Corn and soybeans don't need migrant farmers - it's almost all done by machine.  It's the meat packing plants and other big business luring Mexicans to places they didn't even know existed. 

Locals used to work those plants; it's not their fault that the owners don't want to pay them a fair wage.  Denison was a good town with good people.  By bringing in illegal aliens, big business is pounding the final nail in the Midwest farmer's coffin.

All assimilated quickly because, as my grandmother told me, "We're in America."

Miller, recalling the six years she lived in Russia, said, "I learned the language, assimilated to the culture, and absolutely abided by the law since the Russian police can stop you in the street and ask for your visa. If they hear you speaking a different language and they get the notion, they'll demand to see your papers."

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A Washington State Reader and Former Marine Says Gen. Peter Pace Would Make A Good Joan Crawford

From: Robin Corkery: [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column Italian-American, Marine Readers Give Gen. Peter Pace A Piece Of Their Mind

Those who saw Gen. Pace at his confirmation hearing for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs will remember that he also had to choke back tears on that occasion too. He reminded me of Joan Crawford.

Nowadays all generals and admirals who get a third star or higher are merely politicians in uniform.

The danger is that the military may wind up elevating officers who are more attuned to gratifying the demagoguery of Senators than they are at military strategizing. 

As a Marine (1960-1963), my fear is that this could lead to a situation in which a shrewd general might maneuver the military into a position from which they would be an effective Praetorian guard but a indifferent defender of America.

Corkery's previous letters to VDARE.COM are here.

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A New Jersey Democrat Reader Says Hispanic Noise Pollution Is Ruining Her Neighborhood

From:   Danusha Goska [e-mail her]

Paterson, New Jersey is struggling. Its textile jobs left decades ago.

Artists' Housing is part of generous and ethical government attempts to revive Paterson. Two apartment buildings offer affordable housing to low-income writers, photographers, painters, singers, and musicians. Residents are diverse: black, white, Hispanic, etc.

In an otherwise tough city, Artists' Housing is part of a National Historic Landmark District. This district includes two senior citizen residences, a museum, a grade school, and the Great Falls Park, site of the second highest waterfalls east of the Mississippi.

Two Hispanic-owned businesses have, for years, broadcast without a license very loud music in defiance of civil law and neighborliness. "Music" is a euphemism.

The noise pollution, directly related to illness and crime, coming from these businesses is offensive and deafening.

As a teacher, I worry about my Hispanic and Black students who lag other ethnic groups academically. How can minority schoolchildren living within earshot of this racket study?

Also, the noisy businesses attract crime. There have been public urination contests, drug deals and fistfights in a neighborhood that is otherwise quiet and law-abiding.

Artists' Housing residents have contacted the local police and gone to city hall. Organized efforts to fight these businesses have had limited effectiveness.

I contacted the proprietor of Cianci Street Mini-Mart, one of the two offending businesses, directly to ask him to reduce the noise.

The Cianci Street Mini-Mart owner insists that his gang of loiterers represent Hispanic culture and is, therefore, above criticism.

He wasted no time in cursing me out. He called me an expletive-deleted "gringa" and shouted that if I wanted to live like a "white person," I should "go live in Wayne," a nearby town.

After that, I called the Paterson's mayor, Jose Torres. Mayor Torres' office would not take my call. [ note: and they don't seen to do email, either. You can ask them why here.]

At a loss, I wrote to New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez because he recently made history by becoming New Jersey's first Hispanic Senator and because we are both Democrats.

I do not believe in the stereotypical worldview expressed by the Cianci Street Mini-Mart proprietor. Nor do I believe that Hispanics are, by nature, producers of noise pollution or that "gringas" need to put up with the clamor or go live with "white people."

This is why I contacted Senator Menendez. As a Hispanic-American and a role model for my students, Menendez is uniquely situated to address a problem that Mayor Torres won't even hear.

I will keep VDARE.COM posted on my efforts.

Goska's previous letter about her experience with National Public Radio can be read here.

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A Garden State Reader Solves The Energy Crisis

From: Living In New Jersey

Energy crisis? No way!  Put twenty million illegals on treadmills or hamster wheels and let's generate some electricity.

Read previous letters from "Living in New Jersey" about Lewis, the attack cat confined to house arrest, and about how to keep deported aliens from re-entering the U.S. here and here.

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A New York Reader Says "Workforce Housing" Not Intended For Americans

From: [Name Withheld]

A while ago, I wrote to VDARE.COM about the push for so-called "workforce housing" on Long Island.

My suspicions about the link to affordable housing and immigration, in this case nurses from abroad, were confirmed when I read that the South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside (contact them) is building 22 brand-new 2-bedroom apartments and doling them out to nursing recruits for a year at below market price. [Housing Deal Attracts Nurses From Abroad, Newsday, July 16, 2006]

May I ask why workforce housing/affordable housing is not available to American citizens?

The writer lives in Mineola, Long Island and is a healthcare technology consultant.

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An Arkansas Reader Is Caught Between Tyson Chicken and WalMart

From: [Name Withheld]

I look forward to the great columns on VDARE.COM. You're all fighting the good fight.

Just a thought on "Italian-American," "Greek-American," or any other hyphenated Americans.

It's my feeling that we are all Americans and that years ago the media tried to force differences on us.

Here in Springdale, the northwest corner of Arkansas, we are literally being overrun by aliens.

Springdale, of course, is the home of Tyson Foods, fifteen miles away from Bentonville, WalMart's home.

Incidentally, WalMart does its in-store commercials in Spanish in my neck of the woods and had some stores decorated with Mexican flags.

I suggested that was a terrible affront to our American service people fighting and dying to protect our country and Old Glory.

They removed the Mexican flags… for now.

Keep up the terrific work.

The writer was born in Philadelphia, graduated from Temple University and lived in California, New Mexico and Arizona before moving to Arkansas.

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