A California Reader Wonders Why Illegal Aliens Are Living In Government Subsidized Housing
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From:  Sarah

I am a single mother and live alone with my nine-year-old son in a government subsidized apartment complex. I am the only white woman living in my section.

The majority of the people living here are Hispanics and many of them cannot understand or speak English. Most, I' m sure, are illegal aliens.

Since day one, I have received non-stop harassment and hostility from my new neighbors, starting when I caught two teenagers kicking and bouncing on my car. I've had obscenities yelled directly at me ("white whore") in Spanish.  Pornography has been thrown into my back patio where my son plays. They throw their trash in my yard and leave their beer bottles and caps in front of my apartment.

Men are always hanging around the building. Whenever security or police approach, they give a loud whistle to warn the others

As a consequence of this aggressive behavior, my son cannot play outside of our home. I have never lived in government controlled housing, or as a minority among Hispanics, or alongside so many illegal aliens.

I used to believe that anyone should be free to live in America, and that it wasn't fair to keep people out. Now I feel differently.  

I was born in America, as were my parents and grandparents.

My neighbors show no respect or graciousness towards U.S. citizens.

But I no longer feel like I belong here. Why should I feel like I have to leave the town that I grew up in? Could someone please help me understand why anyone would want to move to a country so badly and then behave so rudely once they got there?

My last question: if these apartments are government regulated, why are there so many illegal aliens living in them?

Sarah lives in the San Diego area.

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