A Garden State Reader Has Ideas About How To Keep The Deported From Returning
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From:  Living in Jersey

How do we keep those once deported from sneaking back in?

I have two suggestions, one politically incorrect and the other, practical.

First, using a variation on the current trend for tracking lost pets, ICE could place a chip inside the deportee's body where its removal would be difficult and dangerous. Use your imagination.

Or, second, VDARE.COM could start a contest like the annual War Against Christmas Competition challenging readers to come up with the best idea for locating these scofflaws.

Since VDARE.COM has an intelligent and creative readership, I am sure they will come up with novel ideas.

"Living in Jersey" is a former chemist and computer programmer. He is the son of immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island and who were, he says, "honored to be here, and worked very hard to be a part of America."

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