On Texas Independence Day, A Texas Reader Says Reconquista Should Mean Spain Taking Back Mexico!
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Re: A Reader Reports An Early Sighting Of Reconquista In Virginia

From: Don Reynolds [Email him]

James Fulford replied to this letter with the following comment:

"But seriously, Mexicans have been wanting to take back their "lost lands" since roughly 1848. They have no business including Roanoke, Virginia in that category. But they never really settled most of the other places they claim either."

It is worse than you think! Prior to Mexican Independence in 1824, it was for several centuries property of the Crown of Spain. There was no Mexico prior to 1824, nor were there any Mexicans, and a dozen years later—a mere dozen years later—Texas declared its independence from Mexico, and established the Republic of Texas, which took ten years to become the State of Texas. That simple fact led to the Mexican War, which was won by the sword, then paid for with American gold, and agreed to by treaty with Mexico.

How many different ways do we need to pay for the same land, after so brief an occupation? I dare say we have occupied Japan, South Korea, (West) Germany, and several other countries, for a much, much longer period of time.

If anyone should ever hope to overturn the Monroe Doctrine and recover their "lost lands", it should be Spain, not Mexico. (Not one handful of dirt.)

Mention also, that tomorrow is Texas Independence Day...all the state employees will have the day off, and all will be forgiven.

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