A Reader Reports An Early Sighting Of Reconquista In Virginia
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From: Thomas Andres [Send him mail]

Re: A. W. Morgan's article Swamping The Shenandoah: Virginia Democrats Finally Forced On The Record  

A family member of mine moved to Virginia twenty five years ago near Roanoke in the mountains. Around 1996, my relative got into an argument with an illegal in a grocery store (which is insignificant).

The words out of her mouth were, "We will OWN your country!"—way back then.

My point is this: why would she even consider saying such a thing? What did she know then and what didn't we know as American citizens?

James Fulford writes: I'm tempted to suggest that perhaps that illegal immigrant in question had read Alien Nation, which was a national best-seller around then. And the reconquista issue also got some play in Time to Rethink Immigration?, by Peter Brimelow, June 22, 1992. But seriously, Mexicans have been wanting to take back their "lost lands" since roughly 1848. They have no business including Roanoke, Virginia in that category. But they never really settled mmost of the other places they claim either.

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