A North Dallas Area Mother Is Enduring Diversity
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Re: Peter Brimelow's article "It's Basically Over For Anglos" In Texas. Or Have They Not Yet Begun To Fight?

From "North Dallas Mom" [Send Her Mail]

During all the sound and fury of articles citing the statistics on the Mexicanization of Texas, I am currently enduring the rapidly increasing fruits of diversity in a North Dallas suburb.

When we first moved here, Collin County was perhaps 85% White. According to a celebratory article in yesterday's Dallas Morning News, however, in the last decade the White population here decreased from 75% to 63%, and  local Haitian-born City Council member Harry LaRosiliere, [Email him] (who has decided not to run for re-election, perhaps he fears the last hurrah of the Whites—the Tea Party—will oust him) is quoted as triumphantly predicting that in 15-20 years this area "is going to look drastically different." [Census shows black population expanding in Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs, By Selwyn Crawford and Michael E. Young, February 27, 2011]

While the DMN's focus is on "middle-class blacks" moving here in search of a good education for their children, it comments on the changing demographics overall. According to the 2010 census, the local White population grew by 32%, but the black by 178% (a significant portion of these were not like the California lawyer featured in the article, but Katrina refugees). The Hispanics (read Mexicans) increased by 128%, and the model-minority Asians (not so model to live amongst) increased by 157%.

I predict this marvelous diversity will be short-lived: already, Whites are increasingly moving farther out to the northern and eastern small towns, seeking some surcease from the vibrancy.

If you choose to mention or publish my letter, please do not use my name—I can stand up for myself, but need to protect my children from the blowback.

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