A Nevada Reader, Professional Gambler, Says Health Insurance Obviously For "Small People"
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From: "Whispering Eddie" (e-mail him)

Re: Dr. Herbert Chen's Letter: Re: Saturday Forum: A California Medical Doctor Explains How Unrestricted Immigration Will Make Obamacare Impossible To Fund

Letter writer Dr. Herbert Chen has it right about how Obamacare that will include illegal aliens will finish off the U.S. health care system.

Here in Nevada we are at crisis levels.

According to a recent story:

 "After learning that the cash-strapped University Medical Center is providing more than $20 million in dialysis services for uninsured, illegal immigrants, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said Monday that more efforts must be made to send foreign nationals back to their home countries for treatment."

 "On Sunday, the Review-Journal reported that UMC is treating 80 illegal immigrants who require costly and repeated emergency dialysis. Hospital officials said the majority of those patients are Mexican." [University Medical Center: Concerns Rise Over Uninsured, by Paul Harasim, Las Vegas Review Journal, August 18, 2009]

Obviously, I've been going about my medical coverage needs the wrong way.

Why should I bother carrying so-called health insurance when UMC gladly will treat me for free? Anytime I get sick, I'll just get in my truck and drive on down to get in line.

From now on, no more messing around for me with insurance forms or any of that other bureaucratic nonsense. After I'm treated I'll leave, just like the illegal immigrants do. Please don't bother to send me a bill; I will not pay it.

Now that I know how the system works, I won't waste any more money on health insurance. That, as Leona Helmsley might say, is for the "small people"

"Whispering Eddie" says he left a dead-end insurance job in New Jersey five years ago to wager on professional sports and play poker. He says that although he is only "a few cents" ahead, he's having more fun…despite Nevada's high illegal alien population. Eddie's previous letter outlining the betting odds on then-candidate Barack Obama is here.

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