A California Educator Says Don't Worry—Few Outside The Northeast Know Who Ted Kennedy Was
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From: Mindy Long (e-mail her)

Re: Kevin Lamb's Blog: Ted Kennedy's Legacy: Symbolism vs. Stark Realities

I agree that all the fawning over immigration champion Ted Kennedy is disgusting.

But, outside elite circles within the Northeast and among Beltway gas bags, except for some vague name identification, no one knows who Ted, or Bobby or Caroline Kennedy are. My students and even some of my teaching colleagues have only the faintest idea of who they are.

Two generations have passed since Jack Kennedy was president. A few know that he was assassinated. More than that....nothing.

That's ironic of course because here in immigration-swamped California, Ted Kennedy's name should be widely recognized for his evil role in transforming not only our state but the nation as well.

Long is an intermediate schoolteacher in the San Diego area. Her previous letters about how to deal with DREAM Act parents and their kids is here.

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