A Computer Science Graduate Relates How He Dealt With Outsourcing…By Playing Poker
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05/19/07 - A Reader Suggests A New Name: "Illegally Documented Aliens"

From: John Tollison <email>

Re: An Anglo Reader Hopes For A Job As A Blackjack Dealer, When Americans Are Stuck On Reservations

I just read the reader's letter (February 11, 2007) concerning potential future blackjack employment. I don't understand why he hopes for it in the future. This is happening to Americans now.

I graduated from college with a BS in Computer Science in '01 (bad timing), went back to grad school a bit later and found that the jobs were floating to India, so… I dropped out and played poker professionally for 2.5 years. Toward the end, the Rio's poker room was one of my favorites. At one point , the poker room had 3 engineers on staff.

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