A Nevada Reader Says Barack Obama Is A "Prohibitive" Betting Favorite
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From: "Whispering Eddie" (e-mail him)

Back in September, I wrote to VDARE.COM readers to tell them that, according to the savvy Nevada bookmakers, Barack Obama had it all wrapped up.

At the time, he was a solid 2-1 favorite over John McCain.

Since September, the debates have been completed and the financial crisis has devastated many Americans.

Consequently, we here in Las Vegas have revised the "price" on Obama.

Sadly for all of those McCain shills on Fox News and the other "conservative" media outlets, Obama is now a prohibitive 10-1.

In other words, it will cost you $1,000 to make $100 if you like Obama. On the other hand if you still think John McCain has a chance, a $600 wager will pay you $1,000.

Essentially, a McCain proposition is "off the board."

Of course, anything is possible. The Jets (+17) beat the Colts in 1969. And, in 1974, Muhammad Ali knocked out then-heavyweight champion George Foreman who entered the ring a 13-5 favorite.  

But if I were you, I wouldn't count on a last-minute upset. The presidential election isn't sports where one team or a single individual can rise above the moment.

This is politics where the cards have been face up for months.

"Whispering Eddie" says he left a dead-end insurance job in New Jersey five years ago to wager on professional sports and play poker. He says that although he is only "a few cents" ahead, he's having more fun…despite Nevada's high illegal alien population.

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